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Top Qualities of a Modern Leader


Since time immemorial, there have always been leaders, those who were born to lead and those who worked hard to acquire leadership skills. While leadership has always been part of human life, it just like most other things in this universe has evolved over time. The qualities that were exhibited by leaders of the past are still crucial but they are no longer sufficient on their own. A modern leader needs the skills of the ‘past’ and also the skills of the ‘new’. This article is particularly going to focus on the ‘new’ leadership skills that every leader ought to have (or know). These skills are crucial to all leaders regardless of where they practice their leadership be it in politics, economics, entertainment or just flexing leadership skills online at sites such as netbet.co.uk when interacting and engaging in online communities.

Embrace Change

Today, the world is changing at a lightning fast speed. Postal companies that refused to embrace change when the email was introduced were buried and are long dead now. The same applies to print companies such as newspapers that defied change and stuck to printing hardcopy papers rather than switching to electronic papers. As such, one can see the importance of embracing change in the contemporary world. Failure to embrace change is an easy way to self-destruction.

Continuously Learn

Embracing change is good but in order to fully reap the benefits of embracing change, leaders of today ought to continuously learn and enrich themselves with knowledge. Sometimes change may come in a bad way when it does, a great leader must have the knowledge and wisdom to discern if it’s the right thing to embrace change or not. The same applies to positive change, a leader needs the wisdom to discern if it is alright to embrace change or not. This wisdom comes from learning new things each and every day. Knowledge and wisdom enable leaders to be visionaries, a trait that every great leader must possess.

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Be the Example

Some wise men state that the most attractive form of leadership involves no words. This, therefore, means that through one’s actions, people can tell that this person is a great leader. In order to exhibit leadership skills through actions, one needs to walk on the right path doing the right things. Involving oneself in shady dealings taints image and in turn, it taints one’s leadership skills.

Be the Servant

Modern leaders first need to be servants before they are leaders. This simply means that they need to put the people first before they put themselves. If there is time, using democratic decision making which inclusively involves people at the bottom is the best way to go. However, at times, a leader must make quick decisions to take advantage of certain situations, if this is the case, then the leader has to ask himself the question, ‘Will this affect the people I am leading positively?’ If the answer is in the affirmative, then a decision has to be made but if not, then it’s better to let the moment pass.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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