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Why Should You Manscape?


The modern man has become a manscaping man, it’s a manscaping world, and we’re just living in it! But really, apart from the usual looking good, feeling good, do men really understand the benefits of manscaping? To some, manscaping sounds downright intimidating and to others, it simply isn’t worth the time of day. So, why should manscaping be a thing for you?

Well, here’s why.

Puts You on The Right Path HealthWise

Don’t listen to the conspiracy theorists out there and the health nut cases. Manscaping and grooming, in general, is very healthy for you. An unhealthy accumulation of pubic hair down there can have significant repercussions. It is well documented that the absence of suitable hygiene, notably the lack of manscaping, is the leading cause of yeast infections among men.

By not shaving your junk, you are only calling for the development of bacterial and yeast infections caused by human waste accumulating in that area trapped by the unshaved pubic hair. These microorganisms thrive in the pubic area. This makes manscaping essential to prevent such a scenario. Furthermore, manscaping gets rid of that crotch stink that is pretty disgusting, to be honest, while at the same time acting as the first line of defense towards preventing STDs and STIs.

Cuts Down on The Sweating

Sweating is vital in regulating body temperature. Excessive sweating, on the other hand, is simply a magnet for unnecessary bad body odor. Body odor that you would do well to avoid. Manscaping is important in reducing this odor. Pubic hair traps sweat on your body, inhibiting temperature regulation and inducing more sweating.

Trapped sweat encourages the development of odor caused by the bacteria which brings about the stink. Manscaping will curtail this. It will also help your body reduce surplus heat, and reduce that crotch stench leaving you feeling extremely confident. Sweating is good, but don’t let that shabby pubic hair lead to excessive sweating.  Just trim it and feel much better.

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Spices Things Up in The Bedroom

Is your sex life all dull and uninspiring? Maybe it’s that jungle you’ve got down there. A Swiss study that asked 105 women to categorize the most crucial elements they consider when ranking penises named pubic hair as the most important, beating the likes of length, girth, and cosmetic appearance. What does this mean? While you can’t do much about the other factors, regulating your pubic hair is well within your control.

Manscaping will make your junk more striking to your partner and thus improve your sex life. In addition, a manscaped manhood is more sensitive to touch. In essence, great sex and enhanced sensitivity go hand in hand.

A Better and More Confident Look

Away from its scientific benefits, manscaping simply makes you a better-looking and confident gentleman. A spruced body will no doubt increase your buoyancy. Going back to copulation matters, did you know a well-trimmed junk puts emphasis on the ocular misconception of size? Not only does manscaping make it look tidier, but also larger. All these just boost your confidence.

Studies show that a confident man is more successful than a man low on confidence. Let manscaping be your way of life. Embrace this practice and enjoy living a more fulfilled, confident, happier, and healthier life.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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