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What To Expect An EBS Implementation


You might want to buy the Oracle EBS for your business, but you need to know what to expect when buying this software. Companies that invest in Oracle EBS can change how their business operates. You can move all your work to one program, and you can train your whole staff to use the program. Read more to learn what changes when you invest in the Oracle EBS platform.

Everything Changes Quickly

You should hire an Oracle E Business Suite consultant before investing in the software. The consultant will explain what Oracle does, and the consultant will tell you how to use the program for your company. If you have not hired a consultant, you may not use the EBS platform efficiently. Plus, your consultant can adjust and maintain the platform.

Everyone Logs Into One Platform

Everyone in your company will log into the Oracle EBS platform. You can teach your staff how to use their new login information, and they can get into the program, look around, and find the places where their work will be done. You can easily train new staffers, and there is no confusion from one department to another. When people from the warehouse call accounting, they are both using the same software.

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You Can Automate Everything

You can automate accounting, invoicing, purchasing, and much more. Data will be sent to the right places by the platform, and forms will be filled on your behalf. You can send automatic invoice reminders to your customers. You can send automatic payments to your vendors, and you can generate payroll checks automatically.

The platform will send all your time clock information to the accounting program, and the general ledger updates instantly as transactions are made. Your accounting staff can work with an active ledger, and they do not need to wonder if certain payments have been made.

You Can Adjust Each Part Of The Platform To Meet Your Needs

You can ask your consultant to adjust certain parts of the platform to meet your needs. You should not use the standard version of the Oracle EBS platform as you bought it. You need to change the EBS platform so that it suits your company. You do not need to invest in expensive custom software because you can customize the Oracle EBS with help from your consultant.

Also, you can make adjustments based on employee feedback. If your employees tell you that certain parts of the system are hard to use, you should ask your consultant to make some changes. When you alter the program, you can remove things that you will not use. Your consultant can show you how to maximize the program for your business, and you might learn some useful shortcuts.


The Oracle EBS platform is the best way to host your company offices. Everyone who has a computer or mobile device will sign into the platform, and they can access their work quickly. Your staff can check inventory, share documents, and read the ledger. You can automate functions in the office, and you will not need to waste time reconciling data every day. You can generate paychecks, send tax payments to the government and send insurance payments using this platform. Your staff all use the same thing, and your staff can change departments without any confusion.

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