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The James Bond roulette strategy


Does the casino get anymore classy than the roulette wheel? 

Invented in France in the 17th century, the roulette has become a truly iconic sight in the casino. A staple of any casino worth its salt, these days the roulette wheel can be played in a variation of ways that include the classic set up, as well as more modern means such as electronic and virtual roulettes played in casinos and of course, online at kingcasino.com

But few ways of playing are more suave than the image of James Bond, Mr. 007 himself, sipping a little something while having a flutter of the wheel inquisition. Whether it’s Piers Brosnan, Roger Moore or Sean Connery, the tuxedo, the drink and the calculated approach to roulette is a wonderful site. 

Bond just so happens to be the best gambler at Mi5 and while his vice also helps him get to know his enemies better sometimes, it also just seems to be something that the secret agent really enjoys. So much so, that Ian Fleming’s famous character even has himself his own roulette strategy. 

What is a roulette strategy? 

Roulette is famous for having a number of methods and strategies attached to it. This is the result of the fairly simple odds game that roulette is. The game only has 37 or 38 outcomes, depending on whether you are playing the European roulette which has 37 pockets or the American roulette which has 38. 

This, along with the opportunity for some double or nothing betting with reds and blacks, has led to some very famous techniques and strategies used by mathematical minds and gambling experts. From the Martingale method which is one of the oldest and most simple methods, to the James Bond strategy that we will be explains here, there are plenty of schools of thought and methods when it comes to this famous gambling pastime. 

Do roulette strategies really work? 

Well, the answer to this question is less straightforward. 

Of course, the beauty of the roulette wheel like any other form of gambling, is the element of pure luck and chance. While you can increase your odds or cover your losses with certain techniques, there will never be a method that guarantees a win on a roulette wheel. 

This is because of the way that the game has been designed, mathematically and spatially perfect so as to be the foolproof, exciting game that it is. 

What is the James Bond method? 

Despite being best explained in Sean Connery’s accent, the essence of the so called James Bond strategy or James Bond method is relatively simple. 

It involves covering as much of the board as possible which, on surface level, seems like a really good idea for a game of roulette. Bond looks to cover over half of the board with his bet, spreading out an amount of money across much of it. 

Always betting the same amount, assuming that he wins and wins again and again, as the most suave Bonds always seem to, he places his bets in the same places every time, too. For every spin in the whatever swanky casino that Bond finds himself in, Bond would put money down on pockets 19-36, the bet line of 13, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18 and on the green zero. 

Spreading out his money in ratio, should Bond what to bet £20, £14 of this would go on pockets 19-36, £5 would go on the bet line of 13, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18 and £1 on the green zero. Now, £20 seems like small change to an internationally renowned spy of James Bond’s stature, but the ratios must remain the same no matter how much you bet. 

Now, the outcome of the bet is the most important thing. If the ball hits 19-36, you or James Bond would a win a total of £8. If the ball lands on 13-18, you would win a total of £10 and should the ball land on the most unlikely outcome of the 0, you should win a lovely £16 thanks to the 36/1 odds. 

The only issue is, f the ball lands on 1-12, which is the only part of the wheel that Mr Bond has not covered. Should this happen, you would of course lose all of your £20 and, despite your decent odds before spinning, this is still a big risk. And if you lose? Well Bond has thought about this, too. 

What do you if you lose the bet? 

Bond, should he lose, turns his elaborate betting strategy into the much more humble, old fashioned Martingale method. 

As he has lost £20, he would bet £40 on red or black, or odds or evens next time, aiming to covert his loss with a win. Lose again, and he’d have to double up on the evens betting once again – that is, until the casino limit is hit. 

What if you kept using the James Bond method? 

Well, it seems that even the great mind of James Bond cannot beat the house advantage in a game of roulette. Those Frenchman really nailed the formula back when it was invented. 

Even if in 37 spins, all 37 different outcomes were played, Bond would still lose £20. As unlikely as that is to happen, it proves that not even the greatest spy in the world can outsmart the roulette wheel. 

That said, his method is good fun to try. So, don’t expect it to work for you without any risk, but do order yourself a martini – shaken not stirred – and have a crack at the James Bond roulette strategy. Don’t forget to stick to the betting ratio and don’t forget to act all suave while you do it, even if you are playing from the comfort of your sofa at home, from the ease of your mobile device. 

Whether it’s a martini or a tea that you are sipping as you play, the James Bond method is worth a go, at least.