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Why is becoming a casino croupier a profession of the future?


The croupier is one of the most important figures within a casino with high payout. Without a doubt, he is the figure that usually offers an unparalleled experience to the player, since he is in charge of counting when you win and when you lose.

Besides croupier, you can also find the word dealer when you call him. In fact, if we look at some manuals, the word dealer comes from croup.

To be a good croupier is not only valid to know the different rules of the games, you must also have good mathematical calculations and communication skills to keep the player interested in the table.

Have you ever thought about becoming a croupier? With these reasons, at least, you’ll think about it a little more.

Salary: Casino croupiers are paid a fixed amount and will later increase their salary according to the quality of their work and the way they deal with the games and customers. An average, according to several specialized portals, is that a croupier earns between 20 and 30 euros per hour of work.

Training: croupiers or casino dealers usually have a previous training, usually related to economics or mathematics. Besides this, they will also need special training that will be paid for by the dealer school they choose or by the casino itself once they are hired. Depending on the school they choose, these will be more or less expensive in terms of training.

Extras: Many casinos are part of giant companies that have excellent extras for their employees. Bonuses and different programs as well as medical insurance are usually included. All this will depend on each company.

Working hours: Most casinos have different schedules, especially during the early morning, so many of the schedules will be in shifts. Each dealer will have his own break times for security reasons, so you will always have the opportunity to take a short break to calm your mind.

Tipping: Of course, one of the incentives that dealers can have in a casino is the tips that they can get from the customers. A good hand or round can cause a customer to drop a chip in the middle of the table for the dealer before getting up. No doubt, a good extra paycheck to be reckoned with.

What are the responsibilities of a croupier?

Croupier’s jobs can be found in live casinos or in those games that allow you to see a croupier live (as in the case of online roulette). These dealers are regulated in their activity and have a salary according to the different collective agreements and laws of each country.

However, all of them must have certain characteristics and responsibilities in order to grow within the sector:


The first mission of a casino croupier is to learn how to shuffle and deal cards, as well as other items (chips, balls) that are used for the different games you can find in the casino.

Paying the playersPeople Playing Poker 3279685

Once the game or hand has ended at the table, the dealer is responsible for analyzing the outcome of each player’s hand or bets to determine who wins. When the players win, the dealer is responsible for handing out the chips or money (usually converted into chips).

To ensure that he dispenses the money correctly, casino croupiers must have good mathematical skills. In some cases, where the player has placed too large a bet, the dealer may make use of the consultation with the venue or game manager in question.

Help the player

During the game, the casino croupiers are also obliged, as professionals, to attend to the customers or players of the casino. A general requirement for this function is to be friendly and interact with them. The dealers sometimes do the function of helping the players in some doubt of the game or calling the bar staff to attend them. They also respond to questions regarding the operation of the casino players’ areas of use.


All casinos, without exception, have a security system, which includes countless cameras and personnel who supervise them. However, casino croupiers often serve as the first filter to detect any tricks, traps or unpermitted gambling tactics used by players. This happens a lot in BlackJack, where the dealers also have the function to see when the players are counting cards.

They also have to check the amounts with the higher-ups in case the players want to exchange money for chips while sitting at the table.

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