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Secrets To Successful Time Management All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Must Know


No matter how good you are, you only have 24 hours each day. As your responsibilities increase with the growth of your company or business, it may seem like there’s not enough time each day for you to do catch up with other essential areas of your life – no matter how hard you try. 

But there are smart ways that have been mastered by some of the best in the world of business, helping them and their business grow into the future. 

Here are some secrets some rising entrepreneurs too can learn as they build their business.

Build good habits and start your day early

Numerous studies have demonstrated that productivity comes when you wake up early and start your day. People tend to have more willpower early in the morning and brain activity tends to be higher and so productivity tends to be better. 

If you struggle to be a morning person, it may well be because you’ve just got into the habit of being a night owl. Try sleeping earlier and waking earlier and get more done before everyone else has even woken up.

Brainstorm regularly

When you are neck-deep in tasks, multitasking and challenges, it’s easy to lose perspective. Taking regular breaks to realign your thinking and to work out better ways to do things can be highly productive. Take a walk, meditate, or do something creative with your business team.

Don’t manage time, manage energy

If you are aware that the morning is your productive time, then get as much done as possible during that time. You might need to refresh before the afternoon schedule and do things that perhaps require less brainpower or are less demanding. Manage the energy you have through the day so that you can get the most out of yourself.

Say no to negative thoughts 

You don’t want negative thoughts in your head, and you don’t want to work in a negative environment. It’s vitally important that you make sure your team is positive and that the atmosphere around you facilitates excellence. Take a look at the behaviours of those around you and try to spot if someone needs a helping hand. 

Take breaks to rejuvenate

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It may seem counter-intuitive, but rest actually increases productivity. For most tasks, productivity is about progress, not about activity, and by taking rests you can gain a fresh perspective and improve the way you do things. Take regular breaks at work to improve overall productivity, and so improve progress. Don’t mix up activity and progress.

Benefit from your lunchtime

Many people choose to eat their lunch at the desk rather than take a break. Alternatively, some people slink off and eat alone. Lunch should be a time where you can meet with clients and improve relationships or spend time with the team and deepen your understanding of their view of your company and the challenges they are going through. Make lunch productive and fun.

Be healthy

Part of being productive is being able to look after yourself. Schedule your own time to exercise, socialize, eat healthily, schedule your GP appointments and generally maintain your physical and mental health.

Have fun

Everybody knows that happy people work better. Research suggests that happiness can increase productivity by 12%. Your work environment can become more fun, and even more creative by implementing simple changes that enable people to express themselves and laugh.


There are loads of different time management techniques that are covered by countless books for sales on the Internet. Perhaps it’s better to think of time management as using your energy in the best possible way and creatively increasing the energy you have for productivity. 

But be sure you’re focusing on the progress of things on a day-to-day basis rather than just doing lots and lots of activity.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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