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Poker Teaches Leadership Skills


Poker and Learning More About Yourself

“A leader is the one that knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” that’s a quote by John Maxwell. Outstanding leadership means investing in some form or fashion. Those who can support well can see great dividends, and those who don’t dilute their value. The idea is to make sure to go the right way. But how does one learn to head in the right direction? It is straightforward to do.

The Beastie Boys said to “have a ball and get involved.”

The fact is that if you can find something that you can apply yourself at and it is something that you enjoy, like poker, you can grow and become a leader. Thanks to situs Judi online and other purveyors of access to this sport, you can find that you can improve your skills and knowledge while you are on the go.

Most people may forget to have a sense of joy as they are getting involved, improving themselves, and becoming the leader they were born to be.

Poker teaches you many lessons and allows you to be a better person if you can learn how to get out of your way.

Here’s how it does so in our world today.

You Can’t Choose Your Poker Hand.

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Please answer one question for me, did you choose your family or where you were born? A few religions may say that you did from previous lives, but I’m asking in general. The answer is no. You didn’t get to choose your family or your surroundings. You came into this world and will have to deal with your situation as it is. The keyword here is, as it is. Life isn’t a corporate retreat for many people, and most must strive for progress. That’s how it is in poker as well, you do not get to choose your hand of cards, but it is up to you to see how you will move forward and still win.

What does that mean from a leadership and brand-boosting standpoint?

It would help if you learned to practice joy in each moment. Players like you must practice one critical aspect: having a great attitude in life. If you have a great attitude, you will find that you are one step ahead of others. Why? Well, having a great attitude can contribute to a higher worldview and better perception, improving your situation over time.

Having a great attitude motivates you to look for solutions instead of worrying about the quality of your situation or your hand.

Poker teaches you that if you have a great attitude and play through in good times and bad, you might win big.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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