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Manscaping Tips and Tricks Every Man Should Know


It’s time to trim it up. Pubic hair maintenance is important for any guy. Below are the tips and tricks you need to handle the manscaping job safely, brought to us by the fine folks at Manscaping, who were recently featured in Shark Tank.

Invest in Nice Products

The quality of the products you’re using will determine the results. So, spend a little extra to buy the best manscaping products. Some of the items you’ll definitely need are body wash, ball deodorant, refresher, and toner.

Male 2637816 1920Know the Right Shaving Process

Want to get a clean shave? Make sure you don’t go against the grain otherwise you’ll risk getting ingrown hairs and irritation. Shave along the grain, then move to the side of the grain. Also, a pre-shave is important in keeping the skin area comfortable.

Pull the Skin Taut

Whenever you’re shaving the sensitive areas, you should pull the skin tight to reach the hair. In case you get nicked, do not panic. Rinse using cold water till the bleeding stops then apply some petroleum jelly to the wounded part. You can also use a disinfectant to avoid getting an infection.

Picking the Right Hair Length

There’s no wrong or right hair length. It’s all about your personal choice. What you want is to ensure that everything is kept neat. When it comes to your balls though, you should try to remove as much hair as you can. It will take time, but it’s absolutely worth it. You can use a trimmer bare for the job, using it in slow and short strokes. Remember to be very careful. You should also keep the perineum totally trimmed.

Use Your Shower Time to Shave

The hot steam and water will dilate your pores, making your hair supple thus, easier to shave. Add shaving foam or gel to get a nice shave without razor burns.

Specializing Manscaping Tools

It’s possible to get an infection as a result of cross-contamination from your manscaping tools. Bacteria found in your pubic area is different from say those found on, your face. Cross contaminating the razor or trimmer increases your chances of getting infections. Multitasking your manscaping tools can also lead to increased irritations. You should be particular about how you use your tools. Let the tools used for your nether zone only be used for that purpose.

If You’ve Decided to Go for A Shorter Cut, Do It Slowly

Your pubic hair can pose a serious challenge for certain tools like the trimmer. If by accident, the electric trimmer is bogged down in your hair, it can be damaged, worse still, the blade guard can get stuck in your hair.

So, if you’ve decided to do a shorter cut, do it gradually. Trim less than a quarter inch at a go.

How to Use A Clipper

When using a clipper, ensure that your hair is dry. If not, the blade will end up rusting quickly. After you’re completely done, brush the hair off the blades then disinfect using rubbing alcohol before storing.

Always Opt for A Sharp Blade

Don’t risk using a dull blade on your balls. It’s not unusual for you to want to reuse your blade. But for hair that’s coarse and bushy, it will do more harm than good. Go for a new blade.