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Looking for an Adventure of a Lifetime? Take a Drive Around Verdon Gorge, Paris


Beautiful. Marvelous. Breathtaking.

Those are just some of the words that are often used to describe Gorges du Verdon, or Verdon Gorge, Paris.

The mountains are so prepossessing of a sight that it is not an easy feat to paint the picture using only words. But that has not stopped many before us to write in the praise of Verdon Gorge, and it won’t stop us today either.

Since Verdon Gorge is close to the tourist hub of French Riviera, which is the heart of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region of France, it sees many tourists on a usual basis that come after hearing similar tales of its aesthetics.

Architecture 3317777 640What makes the mountain range so alluring is that it is not just filled with rocky formations (no offense to you, Grand Canyon). Instead, the naturally intricate formations are full with lush green foliage, where those shades meet with the signature turquoise-green of the Verdon river, which is named after that very quality.

Another thing that makes the Verdon Gorge so exceptional is that the canyon has been cut through naturally. All of the formations that you can see in it remain completely gifted by Mother Nature herself. Judging by how the sun shines upon the Gorge every day, illuminating it in the most flattering manner, she seems to not have neglected it.

When you get a chance to drive through those man-made roads and explore the stunning sights up and close, you take it without much thought.

Having a Roadtrip Through Verdon Gorge

If you do not have that item on your bucket list, then you need to give it another look.

And you will be thanking us after having experienced a drive that takes you through the most intricate of formations, in what you could describe as some of the most exhilarating moments of your life.

The roads at Verdon Gorge circuit are painstakingly maintained by the local authorities, who cannot really be blamed for the level of care that they have put into preserving this natural wonder. Especially since it is due to those very efforts that you will be able to experience the Verdon Gorge in all its magnificence.

But while the drive is as winsome as it could get, it is also based on a pathway that is full of hairpins, twists and turns at every few yards. That is why, before going through the magnificent area, you need to make sure that you have a car that can sustain the drive with you and your loved ones safely in it.

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Check Your Vehicle Before the Roadtrip

Do not just consider the model of the car itself, but also go through each and every safety feature of it. However, no matter how much care you may have put into selecting and vetting the car, you also need to get it checked by a professional pair of eyes to ensure that you are not missing anything.

What you can do is to find a local service that could help you through the processes of ensuring that the most essential safety features of your car are all intact.

And Kwik Fit does just that.

As a local service that focuses on supporting and advocating the most aesthetically pleasing and memorable road trips that you can experience throughout Europe, Kwik Fit offers car servicing while also providing value-added benefits such as a free brake check or a complimentary battery check to ensure that your car is not a safety hazard or prone to a break down during your road trip.

When you are in the process of exploring Verdon Gorge as arguably the most beautiful part of #RoadtripsOfEurope, do not forget to maintain safety standards along the way. And while near Verdon Gorge, you can also go through a list of places to stay, out of which Le Colombier at Moustiers Sainte-Marie seems to be a good choice.

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