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6 Effective Tips for Improving Communication in Your Business


Whether you’re a startup business owner, a manager or a team member, good communication is key to success. Without it, you could risk your business falling apart internally. Better communication is dependant on adequate systems in place, a strong way of doing business and the individuals themselves – anything which makes your business run more smoothly and simply.

So how exactly can an improved communication standard be reached?

Make Sure that Your Company Goals are Clear 

Nothing solidifies a team more than working towards the same goal. If your employees do not understand the goals of your business, whether long-term or short-term, this can encourage uncertainty and miscommunication. 

Take the time to outline your company’s mission, whether during team meetings or individually with employees during their first day of work, or during performance reviews. Communicate your business values, too, to ensure that everybody is working off the same page.

Attend Training Courses 

Training courses can serve to improve a wide range of skills within a business, communication being one of them. Courses like Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification that are attended by more than one team member can improve cohesion and serve as a team-building exercise that can strengthen a business bond.

Such training courses can assist to effectively sharpen problem-solving skills, and therefore gain more progressive communication within the workforce.

Promote Better Communication Between Management and Team Members

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While of course camaraderie is important between team members, it can often be the working relationship between a manager and their team that can affect the daily running of a business. If team members feel as though their manager does not take the time to connect or check in, this can drive a wedge between them. 

Managers should let team members know that they operate an open-door policy, are always ready for any queries or guidance, and should ensure they lead by example rather than simply dictating and then disappearing. 

Encourage Information Sharing 

Whether it’s through a business social account or an internal email sharing system, employees should be encouraged to learn more about the industry and their job and be able to openly discuss and share with other team members. Having an active information-sharing outlet means employees are more likely to communicate in a more substantial way.

Have The Right System Tools in Place

With the rise in online management tools, all businesses should be taking the step to facilitate one. A tool that enables the progress of internal work to be viewed by everyone on an online platform means that every employee and manager has access to the same information; therefore everyone knows what’s going on at all times.

Plan Events

Traditional team-building exercises and social occasions are still effective in establishing better communication within a team. If your workforce feels more comfortable with one another on a social basis, they will work better together. It’s also a prime opportunity for managers to get to know their staff outside of the workroom. 

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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