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How to Optimize your Checkout Process


Online store owners have a severe problem with customers abandoning their purchases in the shopping cart. Retailers can recoup billions of dollars in abandoned carts by improving their checkout processes. 

We’ll explain how to improve and optimize your checkout page so that more of your site’s visitors buy anything. When you’re done, you’ll have a firm grasp on how to maximize profits at the checkout.

To contribute to a smooth checkout process and provide your customers with a seamless checkout experience, consider the below-mentioned eCommerce checkout optimization best practices.

Guest Checkout is an excellent alternative to requiring users to join up

From a business’s perspective, it’s natural to want to collect consumer information for use in advertising. 

Despite this demographic’s small size, they may significantly affect your business’s bottom line.

Don’t have customers sign up for an account only to make a purchase; instead, provide a Guest Checkout option. 

This is a must-do when it comes to optimizing the checkout process for online stores.

Make delivery inexpensive or accessible

Remember that it is important to make the process as efficient and seamless as possible. 

People want to buy your goods and services and do not want to spend too much time waiting around at the virtual checkout counter. At the same time, they would love it if you made the whole process quite smooth.

How can you do so?

Offering free delivery as an option is another technique to optimize eCommerce checkout. According to Baymard’s research, high delivery costs are the primary reason online buyers do not complete purchases.

Customers are discouraged from completing their purchases due to an unexpectedly high final total. Some online retailers’ high delivery costs are enough to deter customers from making a purchase.

Offering free delivery is a great approach to encourage customers to complete their purchases and decrease the likelihood of abandoned shopping carts. Providing free delivery is a great way to increase sales. Consumers are pleased when they do not experience price fluctuations when using the goods.

And there’s no need to reduce your earnings in the process. The product price may be adjusted somewhat to account for the additional delivery cost.

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Keep the layout simple and free of clutter

You spend a lot of time and money convincing clients to pay up. You should do everything in your power to steer them toward a sale once you have them in a position to make one. 

Take away everything that can divert the customer’s attention from completing the transaction, such as the header and footer, navigation buttons, extra goods to buy, etc.

Keeping things accessible for users to navigate reduces the likelihood of becoming distracted and departing. This helps you to establish and grow your relationships.

Provide convenient means of payment

Having a wide variety of accepted payment options available is always preferable. However, expanding the number of payment options requires financial investment. 

Focus on the most widely used techniques initially, then add more as your company expands and scaling becomes more possible.

Because customers might be picky about whatever kind of payment they choose, many customers will choose the most convenient payment method. In contrast, others may insist on only accepting payments in their chosen format.

And with that, experience a whole new change in the growth of your business.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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