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How To Enhance Your Value As A Business Leader


Making it to the top in the world of business is rarely easy. No matter what industry you work in, there will always be other people looking to overtake you. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and convince employers that you are more valuable than the competition, you need to be prepared to prove your worth to them.

Below are some simple but important words of advice for any aspiring business leader. Remember, if you can’t demonstrate your value to employers, you can’t expect them to go digging for it themselves.

The Most Important Skills For Business Leaders To Have

Communication: Good communication is arguably the most important skill for any business leader to have. If you aren’t able to effectively communicate both with those who work beneath you and those who work alongside or above you then it is going to seriously limit your effectiveness as a business leader. Not only this but without a leader who is able to communicate effectively, entire businesses can ultimately be brought to their knees.

If you want to excel as a business leader then you need to work on your communication skills. Part of this will come down to practice and experience the more you communicate with other people, the better you will get at it. However, there are also things you can do outside of your business to develop your communication skills, including a number of communications courses that are designed for business leaders.

The ability to motivate others: A key part of any business leader’s duties is to ensure that the workers they are in charge of our properly motivated. A business leader that cannot motivate themselves or those around them is going to be limited in their effectiveness. If workers cannot rely on their leader to motivate them, then it’s only so long before their motivation slips and they become ineffectual.

As a business leader, you need to be able to keep yourself and those who work for you properly motivated. The most effective way of achieving this is to lead by example. Once your workers see that you are a motivated and diligent worker yourself, they will be much more inclined to redouble their own efforts.

Of course, you should ideally be inspiring your workers to do more than just the bare minimum. You don’t just want to inspire them to do their jobs properly, you want to motivate them to aim as high as they can and achieve their full potential.

Effective delegation: No matter what type of business you work in or what the people you are responsible for do, as a business leader it will be up to you to make sure that everything that needs to get done gets done properly and on time. The only way of ensuring that this is the case is to learn how to delegate work effectively. Proper delegation enables you to not only complete all of the tasks you need to but also ensure that your workers are tasked with the work that they are best suited for.

Effective delegation requires you to know and understand your staff well enough to be able to determine what roles they are best suited for. If you are able to delegate work effectively than the results will speak for themselves. Businesses led by an effective delegator will always be more efficient than those where workers are largely left to fend for themselves.

Encourage and respond to feedback: Any business leader worth their salt should constantly be encouraging their workers to improve themselves. You will only be able to do this successfully if you are able to show your workers that you also care about your self-improvement. In pursuit of this, you should always be encouraging feedback from your workers.

Of course, requesting and collecting feedback is one thing, but if you fail to then act upon it, it is effectively meaningless. On the other hand, if you demonstrate to your workers that you are both receptive and responsive to their feedback, then not only will they be much more inclined to offer it to you, but you will be able to leverage it to refine and enhance your business strategy.

Show that you can be trusted: To be an effective business leader you need to be able to inspire a complete trust and confidence in your workers. If the team you are trying to lead does not fundamentally trust you then you are never going to be able to lead them effectively. We have already covered the importance of receiving feedback from your workers. If they don’t trust you then of course they are going to be less inclined to offer you honest feedback.

If you want other businesses to take you more seriously and consider you as a potential leader within their organizations, you need to be able to instantly inspire trust.

Seek Out Opportunities

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The best business leaders are ambitious and are always looking for ways to improve themselves and enhance their value. Practice makes perfect. This applies just as much to the world of business as anywhere else. By taking every opportunity to prove yourself that comes your way, you will be able to not only refine your skills as a business leader but also demonstrates your motivation and commitment to others.

The more willing you are to put yourself forward for any tasks that need doing, the more it will demonstrate to others that you are true leadership material. Being eager to volunteer will also demonstrate that you have a high degree of self-confidence and a belief in your own abilities.

Recognise Strength In Others

If you want to lead effectively in any business then it is important that you are as familiar with other people’s strengths and weaknesses as your own. As we have already mentioned, familiarise yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of those who you are charged with leading is essential if you are to effectively delegate tasks to them. However, the role of a leader that goes beyond just telling other people what to do.

Recognizing other workers’ strengths and weaknesses is not just important for the purposes of appropriately delegating work, but it is also essential for motivating other people effectively. If you are constantly pushing people to do work that they are simply not suited for then you are ultimately going to end up alienating them and demotivating them, the exact opposite of what you should be trying to achieve as a leader.

On the other hand, if you ignore their successes and show that you are aware of their strengths, it will demonstrate to your workers that you genuinely care about them and the work that they do.

There will even be times when you encounter workers who are more skilled and adept at certain tasks than you are. It is important that you don’t give the impression that, as a leader, you are holding yourself to a different standard than everyone else. If someone else is more suited to you for a particular task then your willingness to call upon them and recognise their talents can go a long way to fostering a sense of loyalty in them.

Consider Studying For An MBA Degree

For at least a couple of decades now, the masters of business administration degree has widely been regarded as a reliable indicator of someone’s managerial and leadership abilities. Having an MBA degree is not a hard and fast requirement for most leadership roles, although a growing number of big businesses will insist that anyone applying for a position holds an MBA or similar qualification. Whether the MBA is a requirement for the job you want or not, there is no denying that it offers significant value to those who are able to obtain it.

During the course of studying for an MBA degree, students will familiarise themselves with the most important techniques and knowledge for any business leader to possess. Not only will the course teach you how to run a business on a day-to-day basis, but it will also equip you with a good deal of the underlying theory that you need to know in order to understand why certain things are done the way that they are.

Whether you are looking to enhance your value to prospective employers by earning a degree, or you simply wish to foster your own skills and value as a business leader, studying an MBA course, like this one from Aston University, is an excellent way of achieving these objectives.

The world of business is competitive and cutthroat, especially at the highest levels. Anyone who is serious about reaching the upper echelons of their chosen profession will need to be prepared to prove themselves. Aspiring business leaders who become complacent and aren’t willing to fight for their place will inevitably end up floundering far below their potential. 

By following the advice outlined above, you can refine your approach to business leadership and management and maximise your value to any potential future employers.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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