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Effective Recognition Strategies for High-performing Teams 


The place of special appreciation and recognition of workers cannot be overemphasized. If you have a high-performing team, saying the usual ‘thank you’ will not always suffice. This is because people naturally love to be recognized for their efforts. Showing appreciation through gestures like gifts, custom award plaques, or certificates can raise the team’s morale to achieve much more. This article will show you strategies to motivate your employees for better productivity.

Regular Feedback and Check-ins.

Checking in on team members to find out about their progress and performance can be very good. During such check-ins, you may listen to some of their challenges, discuss improvements that need to be made, and applaud great moves. Be specific on areas you are impressed with and how it contributes to the company’s progress. Doing this will keep everyone on the same page and encourage the team to do more. You can hold such check-in meetings weekly or monthly. It will further help your organization to stay on track with its goals and achieve them better.

Awards, Titles, and Certificates.

Employees feel special when awarded for an exceptional cause, especially when done before a group of people. You can decide to have a monthly, quarterly, or annual staff meeting or program where outstanding teams and members get an award of recognition. This will not only make them happy but will boost their career image as it leaves a stamp of excellence on them even for future reference. To make it even more interesting, let them get titles like ‘best team player’, ‘best performer’, ‘employee of the month’, and so on. Custom plaques or certificates make fantastic awards.

Corporate Retreat.

Corporate retreats are time away from work to a more relaxing environment for a few days. It can take place in hotels or other desired retreat centers. Retreats allow workers to bond, rest, relax, and learn new things. Having time for such is another way of showing appreciation to members of an organization and can help boost their morale and increase productivity. Such retreats have to be structured and planned in a way that makes everyone feel free and comfortable.

Gifts and Bonuses.

Gifting employees, especially after doing something remarkable that contributes to the company’s progress is thoughtful, and the timing drives the point home. Deciding which gift to give for outstanding effort depends on the team or individual. Such a gift has to be personalized and should be something they would appreciate. This comes with the responsibility of relating with them to know them well enough and understand their preferences. You can also give a bonus or even a raise in their salary. This would make a lasting remark in their minds as to how much the company recognizes their efforts. It would also encourage a continuity of high performance.

Hangouts and Parties.

Hangouts and parties can be an avenue to show appreciation to the team. It can also help foster good relationships among team members. Bonding outside of work can make everyone see the fun side of their colleagues and become even closer through that. You could have a picnic, party, hang out at a bar, restaurant, or even movies. Just do something fun that everyone would love. Such moments would leave memories worth having all over again. It is also a way to chill out and refresh.


Professional Development Training.

You could appreciate your high-performing team by enrolling them in courses, training, and developmental programs. This is one gesture that is not only appreciative but also contributes to the growth of your team. Professional training makes team members more effective and motivated at work. It can also be in the form of mentorship. Not only will they improve their skills, but the company will also have more trained hands needed for increased performance.

Public Appreciation.

Some employees may love to be in the spotlight and be publicly appreciated in spaces like social media. You can seek their consent and make a shout-out for them on your handles. This would make them feel important and highly appreciated.

Recognition and appreciation are essential for keeping the motivation of team members up. High-performing teams should be appreciated regularly. Start by establishing clear objectives and goals for your teams and employees and communicating them frequently. Celebrate your team’s accomplishments, and give regular, constructive feedback. Rewarding the team for achieving goals like increased customer satisfaction, more revenue, or innovative ideas is paramount.

While rewards may range from monetary to non-monetary, ensure that the gesture is genuine, consistent, timely, and personalized to the recipients.


Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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