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Beach Save the Dates Collection – The Perfect Pre-Invites to Your Special Day


Planning a Wedding Isn’t Easy

Planning a dream wedding isn’t easy. You must care of a lot of things at the same time. It can be very stressful.

Think about it.

You must get that perfect wedding dress, hire that gifted caterer, and nab that great venue before they are gone. These are just some of the bigger tasks that you will have to take on from the start.

Yet, as your special day draws near, you will find that there are so many crucial elements that you didn’t even realize you had to pay attention to, or simply took for granted.

Save the dates is just one of these aspects.

With more and more weddings now taking place at serene locations amidst sandy beaches and refreshing waves, it is only fitting for a collection such as beach save the dates to tell your social circle about your special day.

Save the Dates

Save the dates, or pre-invites tell people about your special day so they could literally save the date on their calendar and make sure to be available for your wedding months in advance. Their design and presentation are also an embodiment of how your wedding celebrations are slated to be. It tells the recipient how much thought and care you have placed into your own wedding and that they should care about it as well.

While finalizing your save the dates, you need to make sure that you not only select and send them out on time, but that they are a perfect representation of what your wedding would hold for those who choose to set aside their precious time in order to attend it.

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The collection comes from Basic Invite, which is one of the leading names when it comes to wedding invitations. This means that while you can easily send out your save the dates about 4-6 months before your wedding, you can send your actual wedding invites a few months down the line following a similar design pattern as well, which would add a sense of uniformity to your wedding preparations.

Basic Invite rightfully boasts of having over 900 wedding invite sets, which would make sure that any beach save the dates you select come with their own corresponding set of wedding invites, RSVP cards, as well as matching “seal and send” envelopes that are all ready to be sent out by you through just sticking a few postage stamps on them.

With that, you can create online wedding websites following a similar theme as your beach save the dates, so that anyone who is planning to come to your wedding could get direct and updated information through a similar design and color palette.

That’s not all, though, Basic Invite is one of those few invitation websites which let you order custom samples of your save the dates and wedding invites. This way you may know how your invites would look like before you order hundreds of them on blind faith.

What sweetens the deal here is that you can order some related merchandise on the side to enhance the effects of your already memorable save the dates. For instance, you can order wedding coasters directly from Basic Invite, and by receiving these unique coasters that are printed on high quality matte cardstock, you can eternalize memories that are demonstrated by crystal clear images, stellar graphics and attractive writing.

If you are planning to have a summer wedding by the beach that everyone, including you and your spouse to be, would be able to enjoy, then this would be the time to send those save the dates out.

And reaching out to Basic Invite today would be the right step toward holding a great celebration.

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