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Are You Covered? Compare Massage Liability Insurance For Your Practice


When you are managing a massage business, you need insurance to protect your practice. There are a few things you need to do when you are choosing coverage, and you should go through each step to make sure you get what you need. Most people who start a new business will forget insurance because they are paying for so many different things. However, you can save a lot of money if you are using the appropriate policy.

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Need?

You can use an insurance comparison grid like the one at www.massageliabilityinsurancegroup.com/comparison-grid/ to ensure you have seen all the insurance options for your business. Most massage practices will need to get insurance that protects against injury and malpractice. Once you have read through the comparison grid, you can see how much coverage you get from each policy.

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is needed in case one of your clients claims that they were injured due to a massage you gave them. When your clients file a claim against you, you can go to your insurance company for help. The insurance policy will pay your damages up to a certain amount, and the insurance company will often provide a lawyer to assist you.

Injury Insurance

Injury insurance is needed for you and your staff. If someone trips and hurts themselves while in your office or on your business’s property, they could choose to sue you. The insurance plan you get will help you pay for damages if someone is hurt, and you will not need to worry about losing your business.

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Find An Insurance Professional

It is easier to compare insurance policies if you are working with a professional. The agent will explain all your policy options, show you how much you need to pay every month, and help you adjust your policy to meet your needs. You need enough insurance to cover all of your services, plus coverage for the people who work for you. You should also let your agent know how many hours you work each month.

Your policy will be drawn up by the agent for your review, and you can sign off on the insurance policy when you are happy with the level of coverage you will receive.

Make Sure Your Insurance Renews

You need to make sure that your insurance renews every month with an automatic payment. You can do the same with your yearly renewal so that you don’t have any lapses in coverage. 

How Much Customer Service Do They Offer?

The insurance company should offer a large amount of customer service compared with the competition. You need to be able to reach the insurance company at any time, and they should offer an email box where you can send messages. The most advanced insurance companies have a live chat window on their website, and you can get quick answers to your questions. Plus, you need to keep your agent’s business card in case of an emergency.


You must have massage liability insurance to protect yourself and your business. Relax knowing that you’re protected against malpractice claims and injury claims. Ensure that you have worked with an agent who will make your insurance plan as affordable as possible, and choose a company that offers a high level of customer service.

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