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5 Simple Ways to Streamline Your Business in 2020


One thing that every business has in common is that they’re constantly looking to improve and push on to the next level. If you’re not finding ways to innovate and streamline, then someone else will be, and the chances are they’re going to overtake you. 

Whichever area of your business you look at, technology is helping to make you more efficient and get the most out of your processes. These 5 simple ways to streamline your business might make a small difference, but when you add them all up, they can make a big difference. 

Work with the Right Software

Your employees can’t work to the best of their abilities if they’re working with outdated software. Whether it’s in HR and they are in need of an HRIS tool, or customer relations working with CRM, the right software can really help with efficiency. Updating software can take a considerable upfront investment, but it starts paying for itself very quickly. 

Encourage Flexibility 

Peoples’ lives aren’t as simple as a 9-5 day. If your business has the ability to allow for flexible working, then this can help your employees give you that little bit extra. 

Modern technology allows people to work remotely while using all the tools they would have access to in the office. This flexibility allows employees to schedule their time to get the most out of it and give more back to your company. 


You want your business to spend as much time as possible doing the things it’s good at and as little time as possible doing the things it’s not good at. Again, technology has helped make this process easier, allowing for greater collaboration with outside entities

If you can build strong relationships with people who can take care of the things your business isn’t good at, then this leaves you free to focus on the thing you are good at. At the end of the day, this is why your customers pay you – for the things you’re good at!

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Empower Your Employees

Just as you can benefit from finding talent outside of your business, identifying the leading talent within your business can help you improve your business performance. 

One of the most inefficient things your business can do is identify talent and train those people up, only to lose them to a competitor because you haven’t continued to recognize their ability. 

Identify the employees who are key to your business operations, give them responsibility, and make sure you are offering them more than your competitors can. Sometimes streamlining doesn’t mean cutting bits out, it means making the essential pieces more prominent. 

Review Your Marketing 

Marketing is one of those areas that changes at a rapid pace, and it’s easy for your methods to get stuck in yester-year. 

It’s important that you periodically take time to review your marketing efforts and make sure you’re focusing on the methods that give you the best return on investment. If that means getting creative with your marketing, then do it, but don’t waste precious resources on outdated marketing channels. 

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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