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Why Are So Many Students Interested in Big Data Programs?


For young people or those looking to change careers, who are also interested in working in the tech world, choosing the right study path can be a major decision. There are so many different technology disciplines now that require detailed and specialized study, and picking a college program, whether it’s at a traditional college or online, will affect the rest of someone’s IT career. Some areas will always be in demand, for instance front end development, database design and information architecture, whereas others may have a shorter shelf life, such as specific development frameworks. Some areas allow a person to go on to work in highly innovative fields, and others lend themselves more to working with mature technologies.

One field that is extremely popular with people entering the technology sector at present is big data, and its related fields such as machine learning, and AI. But what does big data offer to someone looking to forge a new tech career, and could it be right for you?

What is Big Data Really Used for?

The basic principle of big data as it is used in the tech industry is to be able to handle and derive actionable information from massive amounts of information, often from a number of sources. Data is generated constantly by people using online systems, and by things that simply happen, such as fluctuations in stock market prices. Data can cover all kinds of things, from user behavior when shopping to details of human genes. Being able to truly analyze big data and process it in meaningful ways gives untold potential for business intelligence, risk management, market prediction, health research and much more, and so advances in working with big data have become an exciting area in IT.

Some Major Sectors that Use Big Data

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Big data can have applications across almost any industry, from manufacturing through to scientific research. Some of the ways it is widely used already include in financial technology, in marketing, insurance risk management and in medical research, as well as in development of the capabilities of other technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which can in themselves gather vast amounts of data. There are a huge range of possible careers in big data, and it also lends itself well to people who want to become tech entrepreneurs and launch innovative startups.

Studying Big Data 

There are courses that specialize in big data such as this Boston big data program, and you may also find big data modules included in the curricula of other types of academic programs, including degrees that deal with statistics and data analysis, computer science, marketing, and even sometimes things like physics and mathematics. It is best to decide whether you want big data to be your specialism, or whether it is something you want a good understanding of to complement another technology or analytical skill set.

Big data is certainly a promising and interesting area, and one that many students are choosing for their future careers.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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