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What Innovations Will Shape The Future of Tech?


Although much of the future of tech is unknown, dependent on the ever-changing developments that will take place over the coming years, there are certain innovations that are already starting to be developed that will influence the future of technology. It is important that individuals are aware of these changes so that they can plan for the future, especially in terms of business and career paths, as well as the implications for personal technology.


The increasing amount of miniaturization evident in technology has allowed tech companies to develop even more innovative devices. These include flexiwear, wearable devices such as smartwatches and even 3D items such as 3D printers. This miniaturization will continue into the future, where the ability to make slimmer and less obstructive technological gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops will expand. This miniaturization is due to the development of smaller PCBs, and this process will continue to be developed by designers. If you are interested in designing your own PCBs for the future of miniaturization, Altium’s Circuit Studio provides an answer to ‘what is a PCB?’ by allowing you to create custom-built printed circuits boards for electrical and technological purposes with pre-created professional layouts.


Robotics will drastically change how businesses operate in the future, leading to the ability to replace a human workforce with robotics. For instance, Amazon has already started to implement robotics in their warehouses, allowing stock to be automatically retrieved from their warehouses. This could lead to robotics being implemented in industries such as security to automatically scout threats and drone footage. Robotics could also see the replacement of teachers and be used to create personalized learning in education or through online learning platforms, and cloud-connected robots and robotic home appliances could become the norm in the near future.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already making a big impact on businesses, and this impact is set to expand into the future. AI can produce algorithms that can help businesses to analyze and sort through data and process information such as orders. AI could also make an impact on healthcare with personalized prescriptions and computer-led diagnosis, as well as cybersecurity, with the ability to perceive and protect your devices from threats.


The IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of computer-enabled devices that use processors to collect information from their environments. This can optimize our personal lives and the way we live by adjusting devices to our needs. This could help to influence transportation through finding and warning against hazards such as other cars, as well as changing retail through the ability to pay for products on a variety of different systems from your home. IoT in Agriculture could also use sensors for their crops to ensure they are at optimum health while changing the way that human resources are used in businesses.

Innovations are constantly being made in terms of technology, and it can be difficult to know how these will affect the future. However, some innovations such as miniaturization and the Internet of Things are set to change the way we live and work forever.

Sean Jacobson

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