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Using Customer Service To Create Loyal Customers


In this digital age a customer’s journey can seem dehumanised which is why having an experienced customer service team on hand is of high importance. A team of customer service professionals can advise on the customer experience from start to finish, from an initial connection online to a purchase or lead.

This post will look at areas of the customer journey in detail and the role of customer service at each stage, providing some top tips along the way.

The Continuous Customer Journey 

To build a loyal customer base businesses need to ensure a customer agent is contactable at all stages and if the team are only available at certain hours of the day this should be heavily noted.

In order to reach customers at key points of their journey firstly, the business must understand their customers. From knowing peak visiting hours, understanding how customers like to get in touch e.g. live chat or telephone, and language barriers.

All of these points are key factors throughout the journey and not at only one stage, therefore ensuring call to actions are available from initial contact and even after purchase is of great importance. 

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Opportunities to Impress

When thinking about the many ways to impress, minds always turn to the beginning of the journey at the research stage, however when looking at building loyalty it is important to consider the after sales stage – and this doesn’t just refer to a quick survey. Instead, consider consulting customer service professionals to inform email strategies and follow up calls to provide helpful tips once customers have their product – especially if this is a technical or highly priced item.

This simple communication can make all the difference to the customer’s experience and could be a reason for repeat sales.

Improving the Journey

To improve the journey businesses should look to always improve by surveying customers and learning from experiences. According to research obtained by YouGov and reported on by CallCare in their latest campaign 26% of respondents feel like businesses in Britain treat their customers ‘badly’. This proves that there is always room for improvement.

In summary, customer service plays a vital role in the customer experience even in today’s digital marketplace. The customer should always have a notable way to contact the business and brands should always be analysing their audience and looking for ways to improve.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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