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Top Leading Operators In The Gaming Industry


With the digital revolution in full swing, the methods of playing games have increasingly advanced to more straightforward and easier levels where people can purchase and play games without other equipment like consoles. This advancement has increased consumer demand, with thousands of people looking to enjoy the new form of entertainment. In response to this increased demand, there has been an upsurge of major betting companies like Betsson, GVC Holding and 888 Holdings, who have capitalized on this new market.

Where Top Leading Operators Are Located?

The world is full of top gaming operators, with most of them providing their services on a global scale. Some of these companies are located in countries like Malaysia, the USA and Europe. Such countries, notably Malta and Isle of Man in Europe, have a thriving gaming industry. This success is attributed to several factors ranging from membership to the European Union as well as low official fees and gaming taxes. Such countries also have advanced technology in the communication industries, improved gadgets and fast wireless internet.

The Growth of Leading Operators

While the gaming industry is filled with numerous companies, some lead the pack. These companies have grown so immensely due to several factors, with the leading one being better service to customers. Some of these companies are:

• Betsson

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With over 50 years in the gaming industry, Betsson is one of the most advanced platforms in the world. It was established in 1963 and began by providing its services in restaurants and on cruise ships. Later the company began partnering with other gaming companies, which allowed it to gather new customers. Currently, it invests and helps manage developing companies, which gives them a wide assortment of new games that you can play. They provide casino games, live bets and sportsbooks. You may also play live casino on this platform. This company has also grown immensely by acquiring licenses in different countries, thus reaching a wider audience.

• GVC Holding

This company’s success is attributed to its unique proprietary technology platform that offers casino, sports betting, bingo and poker. These games are provided by some other leading betting brands, which include Betboo, Foxy Bingo, Bwin, PartyPoker, Casino Club and Sportingbet. This association of many top companies has allowed GVC Holding to reach a broad customer base.

• 888 Holdings

This company operates 888 companies dealing in bingo, poker, casino and sports. Despite being launched in 2008, it has established itself as one of the most influential companies in the online sports betting market. It diversifies itself by providing players with exclusive deals and extensive international presence and appeal. The company also has a partnership with other brands operating in the USA.

From the ease of government regulations to the development of better gadgets has led to the development of iGaming companies looking to take advantage of the growing market. The top companies stay on the competitive edge by seeking services from developing and competitive brands looking to become established in the gaming market.

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