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The Blissful Feeling of Recognition


No matter which industry you work in or which level of employment you hold, nothing compares to the feeling you get at being told that you are good at your job.

The compliment is inspiriting enough when it comes from a peer, a client, or a family member, but the sense of accomplishment grows to be twofold when the acknowledgement of your hard work comes directly from your boss.

While such praise works wonders for the employee in question, it proves to be just as advantageous for the employer because the way that professional recognition motivates someone to bring their best foot forward at work is something that remains hard to achieve through any other means at times, including monetary rewards.

That is the prime reason why tried and tested workplace recognition policies such as an employee of the month program are so ubiquitous in a professional environment.

The Shift From Stagnant to Dynamic

However, “tried and tested” in this case is also a nicer way to say boring, since getting an award at the workplace which stays at one’s desk or the office wall is something that hardly has the same benefit of motivating people.

It is especially difficult to motivate people who may want to share every blissful update with the people in their life through the one medium that is now an essential part of our everyday routine: social media.

Think about it… if you have ever been fortunate enough to receive professional praise, did you not want to share the news with your loved ones, your friends, and the larger circle of your professional network?

The answer to that question would mostly be in the affirmative, which is not a surprise. It is basic human nature to share good news and its associated joy with the ones that we are close to, and in the case of a career move, the ones who we think could see our value in a professional setting.

But sharing the news does not have the same effect when you have to post or tweet it yourself, does it?

A new post mentioning “I became the employee of the month at my workplace” sounds more like someone tooting their own horn, which could subject them to ridicule and judgmental reactions on their social media. Now, it turns into a different story, if in contrast, they shared a post specially made by their workplace to recognize their worth. This does not only make it official and branding the news worthy to be shared, but it shows just how much that person’s employer values their workforce.

Transitioning to Social Media Recognition from an Employer Standpoint

And that is the reason why more and more companies, especially the ones who operate with a modern frame of mind, are opting towards recognizing their star employees through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This way they are not just throwing a workplace title their way but add value to it by presenting it publicly – and the following video does a stellar job of explaining this new yet affective approach.

As the video elucidates, recognizing your employees’ hard work through social media provides you with a workforce that is not just motivated but also knows how much you value them and the extra mile that you are willing to go for their personal and professional development. This results in higher productivity, better workplace environment, and long-term professional networking for the company – which are all goals that any business has on the top of their list in order to make it big in their desired industry.

Whether you are an employee who is yet to reach that tier of management decisions or happen to be the decision maker at your workplace, discussing or implementing this efficacious approach at work would only prove to be beneficial for your own portfolio and your existing or developing leadership skills.

While navigating these uncharted waters of social media recognition may seem daunting to you, it is an easy process and can be achieved with elan if you get the right consultation and guidance to help you through the process.

Fortunately, modern companies such as this firm specialize in consulting aspiring leaders and businesses on modern motivation techniques, so all that you have got to do is to go through their offered information and get the most out of this new medium in order to establish yourself and your company as a champion of employee recognition.

As a concluding thought, remember Vince Lombardi’s advice that is considered as one of the golden rules in management: “Praise in public, criticize in private.”

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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