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The Best Blackjack Tips to Help You Keep Winning Online


The best blackjack tips to help you keep winning

Blackjack can be a simple online game of chance. Just add your cards together to make 21 or as close to without going beyond and you win. But there is a lot more to play for if you want to give the casino an interest. Follow these professional gambling tips, the best blackjack tips you will find to improve your strategy so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to win some extra money at the casino if you come across the cards inside.

The house already has an internal statistical advantage, so hold your head up high and play wisely.

Here are our top three blackjack tips and three of the worst.

3 of the best tips for blackjack

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Master the basic strategy: If you really want to win a lot of money at the table and want to play a decent bet, master the basic strategy and be on top with the best blackjack tips.

Best Tip: There are many books and websites dedicated to this topic and the most famous known technique is the Martingale system. Many see this as the best tip, but it comes with risk. The best risk-free tip is to practice playing free online games of blackjack. There are many places to access free games, but you want authentic casino blackjack not mobile app games. You can read more useful information about gambling here, as the link also provides players from New Zealand with the best blackjack casinos online.

Double: Players that have learned basic strategy know when to use this option in the table. By doubling down, players can double bets and get additional cards. It is also a good bet to hold in more situations than 9, 10 or 11. For example, it makes sense to double 17 Soft (Ace + 6) against 4, 5 or 6. Simply double your initial bet. It doesn’t seem like a big win, but in the long run winning this bet can be the simple difference between losing and winning.

Split Aces: Even if you’ve never split a pair of 10s, splitting two aces is for you a better bet in blackjack. (Otherwise you will lose). If you split, make another bet for the second bet, you will receive a card for the first player with the option of standing or beating. The same applies to the second player. Some casinos allow split if the same cards are dealt again. With many cards worth 10, the odds of blackjack are high. And with nine and eight boots too, players have a great opportunity to get two winning hands here, not one. Just like doubling, this type of hand increases long-term profit and can help turn a losing player into a winner.

These tips work both for virtual machines and live tables created by Evolution Gaming.

The 3 worst blackjack tips

Splitting the 10s: Are you crazy? If you have hit an amazing 20 hand and then do not split it, if so, you are not making a clever move, and this move to create two separate hands to play with two separate bets should never be taken up.

All this can turn a regular winner into two losers. Still, people make this mistake at the tables. Without exception, the (unfortunate) player has two lower hands or loses after the split and the dealer is 18 or 19.

Purchase insurance: There is an option to take insurance when the dealer shows an ace. This means a player can then usually bet half of his bet against the blackjack dealer as “safe”. The bet pays 2 to 1 and even if the dealer is holding 21, the player is tied. A player who has blackjack and takes out insurance will only be paid if the dealer does not. With 3 to 2 blackjack paid out (or 6 to 5 currently in many Las Vegas Strip casinos), buying insurance is a long-term error and should be avoided.

Take a stand: It’s very easy to remember – never stay at 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 if the dealer has 7 or more. The odds of winning are not in your favour and you will lose in the long run. Many unskilled players are passive with these hands.

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