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Slots That You Can Play Without Any Effort


Playing slots in your free time is a great thing to do – it’s easy, it’s fun, you can win money (sometimes, although you must bear in mind that it’s more likely you’ll lose) and you’re in good company since many thousands of people do the same thing.

When you first start (and even when you’ve been playing for a long time) you might be looking for slots you can play without any effort. This will help you get an idea of the game itself, and will help you to determine whether you do actually like slots or not. Firstly, most games like White Wizard Slots require little effort; the whole point of the game is that you can pay your money and then sit back and watch. However, there are some that are easier than others to get the hang on, and it’s these that are going to appeal most.

Slots With Just A Few Reels

The original slots (which were nicknamed ‘one armed bandits’) came into being in 1895. Created by Charles Fey, these slots, the first of which was called the Liberty Bell, only had three reels. This was enough for people to have fun with, and for prizes to be won. Since then, slots have become a lot more complicated, and more and more reels have been added. It’s not unusual for slots to have seven or more reels. Whilst this might look exciting, it reduces the odds of winning and doesn’t really enhance the game.

So for the best way to begin – and potentially the best way to continue – you should seek out slots with fewer reels. Make five your maximum, and ideally you should look for three. This way, not only do you have more chances to win, but you’ll also be able to keep up with everything that’s happening.

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Simple Graphics and Design

Again, technology has a lot to answer for, and sometimes just because something can be done it doesn’t mean it should be done. Take the advancements in graphics and design that modern slots have been subjected to. They might look great, and they might be impressive, and it might be a more interesting job for the developers, but for the player it really does nothing when it comes to ease of playing the game. In fact, it might even make things more complicated since there is so much going on you can get distracted. No one wants to be do focused on the video in front of them that they accidentally play using too much money!

The best thing for someone who just wants to play without any effort to do is to pick a game that looks simple. The fewer bells and whistles the better because you’ll be able to get to the heart of the game and enjoy it even more. There will be no distractions, you won’t overspend because you were looking elsewhere, and you can see how it all works. There is nothing better for a player who likes the game more than the action.

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