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Online Bingo Jackpots Explained


Like other gambling games at Dream Jackpot, bingo is a fun way of enjoying your leisure time. It is a game that is enjoyed by millions of people around the globe and it is at the height of its popularity at present. At land-based bingo halls more and more young people are joining in with the bingo fun. Admittedly, this has meant that bingo establishments have had to pamper to a younger crowd and this has angered bingo traditionalist who feel that they have been slowly driven away from the game by vibrant bingo bars and clubs. Other changes that bingo has seen as necessary to make include the addition of bigger jackpots in order to keep up with the ever-increasing prizes that are available on the slots side of casinos. You can now win millions of pounds on online slots games and the record for an online slot payout stands at over £13 million. This jackpot craze has now spread to bingo as the game tries to keep up with modern gambling trends. Bingo jackpots, like slots jackpots are now the star attraction amongst bingo players. Linked jackpot games that run across large bingo brand networks are some of the largest and most sort-after.

Different Types Of Jackpots

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When you buy bingo tickets they are exchanged for a fixed price and the more expensive the tickets, the bigger the prizes and jackpots that are available to be won. Despite this, when you consider how much you spend on tickets in comparison to the jackpots available, bingo does work out more pocket friendly than chasing slot game jackpots. Bingo jackpots are quite similar to slots jackpots, there are the already mentioned linked games but there are also fixed jackpots, guaranteed jackpots, sliding jackpots where the prize pot slowly reduces after every call. The progressive jackpots are still the ones that can change bingo player’s lives. Understandably, progressive jackpots are the hardest to win so fixed jackpots may well be worth chasing instead. Guaranteed jackpots can also be worth pursuing, as they will eventually be won, during a certain time frame. Sliding jackpots are not the most popular as they have to be won before the value diminishes. The drop in the jackpot can continue until the game ends and nobody wins.

Final Thoughts

Bingo jackpots are very similar in structure to slots jackpots. Slots jackpots tend to be bigger, especially the progressive ones, but this hasn’t stopped the popularity of online bingo. Bingo is still a more sociable game than slots even in its online format and some bingo sites highlight the community part of bingo by having community jackpots. What this basically means is that a large percentage is paid to the player or players who win the jackpot. Players that brought tickets in the jackpot winning game share the rest. Bingo jackpots are increasing in size and networked progressive jackpot win can and have been life changing. Like slots, bingo jackpots are here to stay, as they are very popular with the bingo playing public.

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