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Motivating and Managing Employees is Key to Productivity


Every business ultimately wants their employees to be productive. But there are some businesses that are better at doing that than others.

Think logically for a second.

When your employee is motivated, they will be able to perform consistently, be active in meeting their targets, even exceed them when they realize that what they are doing is adding value to the business, no matter how small their individual goal. That comes when the employee feels connected to the business and associates with the business brand.

You can start by helping them be associated with the company via company branded products from customgear.com.au such as custom water bottles. This for example, provides them a positive gesture that the company cares about their health. Other than this, there are other ways to motivate and manage employees for greater productivity. Some of them are given in the lines that follow.

1.        Feedback and Rewards System

One of the keys to employee motivation leading to productivity is the development of a legitimate feedback and reward system. Once you have developed a system that helps motivate employees to gamify it by giving redeemable points upon accomplishment of targets and goals, it will help the employees compete with themselves and motivate them to perform better at their roles.

An example of this may be a point system where your employees are given sales targets and the one to reach their target first wins. This can even be a daily thing where at the end of the month, the most number of appreciations will earn the employees a great reward.

This reward may be that the points are to buy what they need, or even appreciating them in front of the whole office by giving them a certificate or trophy. This will give you the Power2Motivate and condition your employees to keep performing at their absolute best.

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2.        Give a Vote to Trust and Confidence

You would be surprised when you entrust and give a certain level of responsibility to employees and the results that you garner from it. When a manager shows through their actions that they trust and depend on the employee, and lets them know that they are accountable, they’ll be willing and motivated to perform. They’ll be willing and able to fill out those shoes most of the time, and when they are not, you’ll know that as well. (And you’ll be able to take decisive or corrective action).

But when most employees know that something of value is at stake when they’re performing for the company, they’ll be motivated to perform the task to the best of their ability when you give them the accountability. This goes for a team of outsourced employees such as those from Employment Innovations. With their knowledge and ability that you’ll leverage, you can increase your productivity and reduce costs in the process.

Also be sure to recognize your in-house employees. Be as ambitious as you’d like to. But don’t go overboard for fear of having them get accustomed to these kinds of rewards when they don’t put in the effort.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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