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Mental Health and Pleasure: The Balance that Leads to Higher Productivity


We live in turbulent times: the global financial market is not at its best, there are war conflicts that are only escalating, and as if the Covid-19 pandemic that has lasted more than two years was not enough, now there are also cases of monkeypox. You don’t have to be a mental health specialist to understand that these social problems translate into personal issues, from stress and somatization to intense anxiety to minor episodes of panic in response to the immense uncertainty we live in.

When social problems become psychological, it is natural that self-care issues begin to be addressed in a more public sphere. Perhaps, for this reason, everything related to entrepreneurship, personal finances, how to stay motivated when working from home, or maintain habits and discipline are increasingly on the table of must-haves, the issues that deserve our attention.

Staying productive: a challenge

One of the great giants of these modern times may be the concept of productivity. It generates guilt in those who do not feel sufficiently productive and is a source of vainglory for those who do. But, in truth, maintaining productivity cycles will vary from person to person.

For someone whose work is creative, productivity probably goes hand in hand with keeping spaces clean and tidy and complying with habits so that the muse finds them working, not sleeping. For a programmer, productivity would probably be a function where the number of hours spent and the amount of code written intersect.

What is certain is that many people confuse the source of productivity, thinking that it is a product of motivation when, in fact, it is about discipline, habits, and constancy. However, this might sound rigid, rather dull. The key is balance: having moments of rest, sources of recreation like friends, family or even sexy Sheffield escorts. An endorphin release that keep us active and reconcile us in a friendly way with the discipline we need to reach our maximum productivity.

The importance of rest and recreation to stay productive

As obvious as it may sound, we are humans: not machines. Not only do we need sleep to regain energy, but we also need sources of pleasure and to feel happy. Some people tend to seek pleasure in moments of excess, but it would be wiser to be able to enjoy without falling into self-destructive moments. Others confuse happiness with a fleeting moment of euphoria. Instead, it is possible to enjoy in an open and accessible way, healthily and consciously, with focus and meaning.

Especially if your job is high-risk or high-responsibility like the ones in the mines. The stress you experience daily is probably piling up like a burden on your shoulders. You need to let it off your shoulders before the pressure cooker explodes, whichever way you prefer, be it gaming, having fun with friends or enjoying a night with one of the Sydney escorts.

Let’s talk more about pleasure and happiness

Pleasure and happiness are similar, but they are not the same. So if we wanted to look at it in terms of neurotransmitters, we could associate pleasure with dopamine and happiness with serotonin.

Dopamine is associated with moments of intense but short-lived pleasure. It is what is released when we have intimate relations, when we have had a few drinks, or when we eat something delicious. Together with endorphins, it forms a cocktail that makes us feel alive.

Serotonin, on the other hand, tends to be less popular because we find it in tasks that may not be so pleasant as we perform them, but that make us feel full in the long run. It is true happiness, the one we get when we get a degree after much effort, or when we achieve a goal after several months in the gym.

Both dopamine and serotonin can coexist. The key lies in a healthy balance, in recognizing when we abuse one and neglect the other.

Seeking pleasure responsibly

To be blunt, one of the issues with pleasure is that it seems so easy to get out of control. Not just because one can overindulge, but because it is easy to let the scales get out of balance.

Here we can use an example to illustrate this case. Let’s think about the pleasure that sexual relations give, and how much they help to decompress tensions and release endorphins. But how much time and energy does it take to meet someone, initiate a courtship, become affectionately involved, and then finally have some casual sex? It’s a lot of time, a lot of energy.

That’s why dating or intimate encounters apps, like Skokka, have become so popular.  Moreover, the idea of hiring the services of an Beauty Perth Escort is less and less taboo. Undoubtedly, contacting a pleasure specialist is a better choice, rather than ghosting a person who has affective expectations.

Finding happiness in the little moments

If, on the contrary, the idea of going out with an escort goes beyond your limits, then it is possible that going out with friends to share some time between drinks is better than isolating yourself at home with your slippers to watch series. It’s not as if staying at home is a bad thing in itself: it’s about not abusing sullen habits. Socializing is important, even if it’s a bit of a drag sometimes.

There is a chance that your thing, in general, is not erotic pleasure, and in that case, neither a casual partner nor an escort could help you. Maybe you’re more the type of person who enjoys taking long walks in the sun and trees. Even if that’s not part of socializing, at least it’s a step because you get a little change of scenery, and receiving the sun’s energy is quite healthy. If you are the type of person who prefers animals over people, then adopting a dog could be the perfect complement to this lifestyle.

Another important example is exercise. It is vital to keep your body active and exercised. At least three times a week, and for at least 40 minutes, practice some habit, whether it’s a sport, like swimming, or lifting weights at the gym, or doing some cardio in the park.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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