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How Biometrics Are Changing the Casino Industry


Biometrics is rapidly changing the way we experience the world. For an obvious example, some phones won’t allow you to check your email or even open them until they scan your face or fingerprint. Biometrics technology constantly finds its new implementations in various sectors. Interestingly enough, it shapes the modern gambling industry from top to bottom, be it a typical Kenyan online casino or grand luxury venues in Las Vegas.

A brief history of biometrics

Biometrics is a new term and it began during the 20th century with the fingerprints. During the 60s, the first facial recognition software has been developed and it was primitive since her entire head needed to be clear and without accessories such as hats, sunglasses, etc.

Through the advances in the software region and 3D data analysis, facial recognition is becoming much more accurate. DNA identification came in the second half of the 20th century and by far, it provided the most accurate form of identification. Since then, numerous other types of identification have been developed such as voice analysis, iris scans, and even the ones based on peoples’ odor that have an 85% accuracy.

Facial Recognition

Casinos rely a lot on facial recognition. The first is in prevention. Every land-based casino has a list of banned individuals whether they behaved poorly, cheated or counted cards. Counting cards isn’t illegal which is why it is separated from cheaters. And their first line of defense is facial recognition used for casino table games. Once a face is recognized, security is contacted and the person would be asked to leave the casino. There wouldn’t be a dramatic beat-up scene like in the movie 21.

Additionally, facial recognition is also widely used by gambling addicts to ban themselves from casinos. This is an excellent measurement for those whose addiction is giving them serious troubles.

The gambling paradise, Macau, uses the software to identify and track high rollers. Currently, three casinos are using biometrics and several more are in the consideration phase. Casinos in Las Vegas Strip are not providing data on whether they use biometrics or not.

Regulation and Protection

Biometrics data can and is often used for marketing purposes which is why regulation has been widely discussed. There are laws that regulate the use of biometrics. For example, Illinois has passed a law that limits companies’ use of biometrics data and provides a fee if violated. There have already been lawsuits regarding this law and some casinos. Facebook needed to pay $550 million as a group settlement when it used facial recognition data.