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Do’s and Don’ts To Follow in Russia 


Russia is considered as one of those countries in the world which attracts millions of visitors from various parts of the world every year. There are several reasons why Russia is regarded as a good tourist destination. Visit visaexpress.com/russian-invitation-letter/ for more information. Earlier, it was a bit difficult for people to visit this country but now with the easy availability of the Russian visa, more and more people have started planning their trip to Russia. However, as we know the cultural practices vary from one country to the other. Similar, Russia has its own set of practices to be followed and some which aren’t to be followed. Follow this post ahead to know about some important dos and don’ts when you’re in Russia:


1. Follow only Russian brands

You should always try to offer only Russian brand products to all your hosts until there is something very special from some other country.

2. Put extra food on plate 

Whenever you eat with families of Russian origin, you should always add some extra food to your plate. This shows that you have had sufficient food and you’re full now. Sipping wine amidst the food is also regarded as a courtesy in Russian traditions.

3. Get gifts for your hosts in Russia 

If you have an invitation to any place in Russia, you must bring a gift for the hosts of the dinner or party. Wine, cakes, flowers and anything else can work but you shouldn’t be going empty-handed. It’s considered good to offer flowers, but you should bring flowers only in odd numbers because the even numbers are kept reserved only for funerals.

4. Check for Russian holidays

You should always plan your Russia trip by keeping observation on the already planned holidays in Russia because some holidays in Russia also bring along concerts, parades or other activities but on some holidays, the historical places, churches might remain closed for the visitors.

5. Wear black when visiting a nightclub

If you have plans about experiencing Russian nightlife, you can just dress up in the Russian style as Russian people. The dressing code is black to be worn by men and for women, its short skirts and high heels.

6. Leave a tip for waiters 

While you’re having a meal in hotels in Russia, you should leave something on the table for the waiters. They always expect a tip from you.

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1. Don’t keep elbows on the dining table

If you have the habit of keeping your elbows on the dining table or in your lap, you should avoid this habit when in Russia because it’s perceived as rude behaviour in Russia.

2. Don’t start eating without taking permissions 

When you’re on a meal with any of your friends from Russia, you shouldn’t start having the food until they ask you to start.

3. Don’t carry yellow flowers 

Yellow colour is usually accepted as a sign of friendship but in Russia, it’s regarded as a sign of separation between people. So, you should never carry along yellow flowers when visiting someone in Russia.

4. Don’t keep empty bottles on the table 

Empty bottles are regarded as a bad symbol in Russia. So, you shouldn’t place any empty bottle of wine or any other drink on the table. It’s a symbol of bad fortune for people in Russia. You should always place empty bottles on the floor.

5. Don’t shake hands at the door

You shouldn’t shake hands or greet at just the door when visiting someone’s home in Russia. It’s very unpleasant. Enter into the room and do the greeting part.

6. Don’t smile at strangers 

You shouldn’t smile at strangers in Russia because it’s regarded as a symbol of hypocrisy. Pointing someone with your finger isn’t considered a good gesture In Russia too.

This was a list of Do’s and Don’ts which you should strictly follow when you’re in Russia. Whenever you’re visiting a foreign country, it becomes important for you to know about their culture so that you don’t end up hurting their sentiments knowingly or unknowingly. Following these dos and don’ts will make sure you or your actions don’t go against the Russian culture in any way.

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