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Building Your Business Back In A Post-Quarantine Era


Many of us have seen huge dips in our businesses in these past several months. Even people who were already very comfortable with the virtual world were sometimes severely affects, to say nothing of people with actual brick and mortar stores to keep afloat.

Now that things are gradually and tentatively opening up worldwide, many businesses are doing their best to bring their volume and flow up to previous levels. However, many are finding that it’s never been this hard to get customers inside, or more importantly, keep them there long enough to make a sale.

Here are two quick notes that will help you engage more with customers, convert a higher percentage of them and also increase customer satisfaction.

Music is a key factor

Almost everybody loves music, but we tend to forget how important something like that is for people’s everyday experiences, and how much it can make a difference in having people stick around inside your establishment (which vastly increases the chance of closing).

Having the appropriate music for your business playing softly inside will affect both your mood and that of the customers in a positive manner.

Also, consider putting a small speaker outside your business, especially if you have a situation where people have to line up to enter due to protocols. This will help mitigate the stress of our current environment. They will thank you for it by means of increased activity at the register.

Psychology is another key factor

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People are generally less apt to make purchases in stores, but that doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your business.

It takes a little creativity in these times to reach recalcitrant and suspicious customers, but it can be done.

It’s a good idea right now to think long and hard about your inventory, including making some possible slight tweaks to it, to make sure you are promoting items that people want and need, that will move quickly.

We’re not really talking about pushing “essential” items that are already a dime a dozen and available absolutely everywhere. For example, adding spray alcohol, baby wipes and face masks was a good idea back in March, when those items were hard to find. Those items are likely to be gathering dust now since everybody’s already stocked up on them.

Which brings us to the salient point. The important thing to do in situations like these is to properly frame the items you are selling. Especially, highlight anything you have in your inventory that is less easy to find than before. Point out the scarcity of these items, and how people should get them now while they are available because you don’t know when they will be coming in again. Most of the time this is the one hundred percent absolute truth, and the customer needs to hear it.

It’s also not a bad idea to remind customers of another real truth: we don’t know when stores could be closing again, for a number of reasons. So, since they’ve taken the trouble to come in anyways, it’s a good idea to make their purchases right now, because in the near future, they could be forced to wait yet again.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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