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Amazing Office Space Ideas to Employ Right Now


You may be surprised to learn that not all startup office spaces need a billiards table and beer on tap to appear fresh and modern. Instead, there is a myriad of other ideas to take advantage of right now in order to upgrade your office.

Based on Corporate Business reviews, the following five ideas can instantly take your office space to the next level.

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Amazon Echo

A virtual reality assistant with speech recognition that everyone can use is about as modern as it gets. The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker that can play music upon request and an assistant who can schedule appointments, call Ubers, and even control the thermostat. Connect it to an Amazon account and you can seamlessly order supplies to the office at the sound of your voice.


While you may be tempted to fill your office with books, equipment, and files, consider something inspiring like a beautiful landscape or contemporary piece of art. Colorful prints that live in your office can remind you of your business and talent when you’re feeling stuck or just tired of being indoors. Find some artwork you truly like and find a nice place to display it in your office.

Whiteboard Paint

You can give empty walls a coat of whiteboard paint, then take your markers out and use them. Doing this makes creates energy in your office for both staff members and visitors.

Stand-Up Desks

Adding stand-up desks will immediately make your office space feel super modern. While chic, stand-up desks tend to cost around $1,000. Having said that, more affordable manual adjust options exists for under $300. Not only do stand-up desks make your workplace look modern, they also offer a tremendous amount of health benefits.

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Greenery just has a way of making an office feel modern, warm, and comfortable. Everyone enjoys plants, and nowadays there are a lot of unique arrangements available.

Dress Code

Any new-school office focuses on the needs of its employees. In doing so, it’s important to understand that your employees want to be comfortable while they work. Consider relaxing the dress code a bit and allowing your employees to brag about how they can wear jeans and shorts to work.

Flat Screen TV

Putting up a flat screen on the wall in your entryway allows you to show pictures, company videos, upcoming events, and welcome notices. You can also use flat screens to communicate important company information.

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