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Tips to Help Your E-Commerce Business Thrive


During these uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost their source of income, while other businesses are unsure of how to stay afloat amid all these challenges. Even as more countries and states continue to give orders for people to remain at home, eCommerce businesses still have a unique opportunity of succeeding.

That said, thriving as an online business, whether it is business as usual or during this pandemic, is not easy. Most businesses are experiencing a downturn in their revenues. So, how do you ensure that your eCommerce business succeeds during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • Covid 4948866 1280Keep Your Clients Updated

Although the landscape is uncertain, your customers should be in the know of what’s going on with your business. More so, in regard to fulfillment, information should always be one of your core eCommerce strategies.

For example, is it business as usual in the U.S., Canada, U.K.? Inform your customers if deliveries are possible. When your clients are fully aware of what’s going on, then they’ll be confident in dealing with you. Hence, increasing your revenues and conversion rates.

  • Use Smart Marketing Techniques to Avoid Losses

In this pandemic situation, it’s best to minimize any unnecessary expenditures. The aim is to make sure your business gets through this event and avoid affecting your customer base. And that’s where strategic marketing comes in.

You should review all your marketing campaigns and adjust or suspend them accordingly. For instance, it might be crucial to reduce spending money on ads for one business. On the other hand, another business might benefit from ad spending on various social media platforms to introduce a delivery service.

This may also be a good time to focus your efforts on SEO digital marketing. You can boost the organic reach of your website by getting new content. When you buy articles with updated backlinks and useful information, your brand will rank highly in search engine results when your clients come looking for your services or products. Building your organic search traffic is an affordable way of establishing your online presence, and staying ahead of your competition.

  • Unique Proposition

If fulfillment isn’t disrupted, your eCommerce business has a real advantage in this area.

  1. The anxiety of going outside to an actual store to shop in this pandemic doesn’t exist with an eCommerce business.
  2. Many couriers are now adapting contact-free delivery to make sure that operations continue while keeping customers and themselves safe. If this happens with your couriers, let your clients know to increase their confidence in your brand.
  • Be Mindful

People from all over the world are struggling presently. As such, you should avoid insensitive content just to make sales. For example, right now wouldn’t be a good time to promote your services or products with ‘can’t get out of the house? Get a 25% discount with our COVID-19 code.’

Be mindful of what others are going through. Instead, choose to promote your brand by offering a solution in these difficult times. You can donate part of your profits to help in the fight against the virus. This will not only go a long way in boosting your sales, but it will reinforce the reputation of your business too.