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The Importance of Hard Work in Leadership


Good leadership plays a critical role in any business and dramatically contributes to a company’s overall wellness. In business, leadership means the capacity of a company’s management to overcome challenges and accomplish its goals at the highest level that it can. Individuals that possess excellent leadership skills can rise to the top of the company, even managing to reach the CEO (chief executive officer), COO (chief operating officer), or CFO (chief financial officer), etc.

Why Leadership Requires Hard Work

The role of a leader is striving to facilitate the growth of a business by cultivating solid relationships making employees feel comfortable during interactions, and raising morale. Stimulating progress and optimal workflow to complete a company’s objectives. This can be done through good communication and interaction with employees to have a fundamental understanding of the company’s goal and make sure that their voice and contribution to the company matter. Acknowledging the employees’ skills and focusing on the human component is something that a leader must be able to recognize so that issues that relate to organizing and distributing talents where they are necessary can be done so.

Leadership Legends

When technological shifts happen regularly, the discipline of managing a business continues to evolve and become more complex. Good business management involves innovation, experience, flexibility, and trying to make the best out of any situation. Listening to customers and employees plays a significant role in making the necessary and optimal changes. Choosing the steps in the right direction is much simpler and more transparent. A leader’s enthusiasm is one of the major driving forces of business. Even in the casino business environment, great efforts are being made to ensure a good and positive experience for employees and players alike. With the many online casino platforms available online, land-based casinos need alternate ways to provide the best experience for players than just the games. For example, in a casino resort, managers look to offer players the best services and activities for guests, from shopping, dining at the restaurant, hotel accommodations, and making the experience more enjoyable.

Being a leader, one must focus on the key responsibilities of business while entrusting other tasks to employees. A lack of trust between leader and employee is when the employee is being micromanaged by the leader, leading him not to manage more critical tasks. It is essential to provide employees with the necessary training and resources to complete their studies. Many people wonder how Mr. Musk can handle such prominent companies as Tesla and SpaceX. Former employees of Musk have mentioned his enthusiasm for space travel and exploration, which is what inspired his employees to do a better job in trying to overcome obstacles and engineering challenges. Other notable leaders include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet. With Elon Musk, the leadership philosophy is constant learning, a philosophy shared by most business leaders. He is known for tackling obstacles head-on, knowing that they may fail. It is essential not to be discouraged by failure and treat it as a learning lesson and approach and block from different angles until overcome.

For Steve Jobs, respect played a significant role in leadership. The passion and enthusiasm for his ideas managed to convince others to go along with them. He was forthright and honest with people. When he returned to Apple in 1997, he quickly managed to reinvigorate the company that was suffering due to the production of too many products with little direction. Quantity does not always equal quality. Elon Musk and Steve Jobs had a similar work ethic, working tirelessly from morning until late in the evening, and both managed to inspire their employees to do amazing things. After he returned, he managed to reduce the number of products being made by 70% and focus on four main products: a desktop computer and a portable device, both of them. The version of the products will be aimed at the mainstream while the other two will be more advanced versions aimed at professionals.

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Lessons to be Learned

A great lesson to be learned from Steve Jobs when going for an objective is to start knowing the end goal and breaking it down into smaller tasks that need to be done to reach that goal. What made Steve Jobs’s products beloved and adopted by many is their simplicity. Jobs managed to reduce the clutter and focus on bringing forward an elegant solution and design. This philosophy can be seen in a quote from da Vinci that came with early Mac manuals: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Another lesson is to learn from mistakes and turn disappointment into possibilities. With creative leaders such as Elon Musk, failure is an opportunity to explore a new patch to reach good outcomes. Experimentation and creativity are invaluable leadership tools to have when leading a business, and great leaders like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve jobs have proven this.

Sean Jacobson

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