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The French Connection Vacation in Southern France


Summer is approaching fast, which could mean that the prospect of spending some time off with your organization is not that far off for you. Exploring the world and doing engaging things together will not only inspire your organization to grow stronger, it will also bring about great memories that can help to build a better organization.

If the above statements hold true for you, then there’s a chance that you are still in the process of finding the perfect retreat spot for your organization. The choices might seem to be endless, especially if you have set aside the time and funds to truly enjoy your sojourn in the place of your choice.  You are making an investment, not only in yourself, but in your organization as well, it is important that you pick the right one.

If you love picturesque locales or happen to be a connoisseur of arts, food, or wine, then the culturally rich and magnificently beautiful Southern France might prove to the perfect destination for you and your organization. Not only will you and your organization be able to kick back and relax amongst some of the most beautiful places in the world, but the local culture and gastronomical offerings would provide you with unforgettable memories on their own.

To truly enjoy it all, booking the available homes in the south of France as vacation rentals would be the recommended choice, since it would let your entire organization to have the freedom to experience life in le Midi like a local instead of being under the monotonous confinement of just another hotel room in the area. This would only add to the entire experience.

Being in a location as recreationally diverse as Southern France would not only allow your organization to revel in the comforting sunlight, but the opportunity would also provide you with a slew of options in terms of activities to participate and sights to marvel in. This would to add to the mental stimulation and relaxation that your organization so badly might need.

Stairs 1909162 640The Locales

Perhaps the most notable part of Southern France, the scenic backdrops of the region are a sight to behold.

From the urban yet naturally beautiful Cannes to the picture-perfect architecture of Avignon, the region has something to please the aesthetical preferences of everyone.

Whether you are a fan of lush green lands that you can find in the village of Lourmarin, or the sheer blue beaches that you can visit in Nice, you can bet your backpacks on the possibility that due to the sights you will stumble upon, you will have quite a few pictures to take back home. These scenic spots are also great to unwind and talk about the different topics that are on everyone’s mind in regard to maintaining and growing the organization.

The Weather

As you might know, Southern France is full of sunshine, but in a very pleasant way.

The almost ubiquitous sunlight in the region doesn’t mean that it is sweltering hot either, since the cool breeze that graces the area practically all through the year makes it one of the most pleasant places on Earth to spend the time devoted to relaxation and recreation.

Couple that with the food, wine and entertainment which you can find through a bit of exploration, and you have a got killer retreat to your organization will remember forever.

What could be a better than networking sessions, organizational discussions and looks into the future while living well?

The Food

When it comes to gastronomy, not many locations in the world can rival the reputation of France as one of the most established culinary hubs on the planet.

While the Michelin-star hotels in Paris house some of the best chefs in the world, Southern France has its own delicacies which despite having made their way globally can only be tasted in their true authenticity within the originating region itself.

From warm and seafood-heavy yet utterly delicious bouillabaisse to the comforting vegetarian-heaven ratatouille (rejuvenated-by-Pixar, of course), the region has so much to offer in terms of local dishes that by the time you leave, all that you would remember is how delicious the French make their food.

The Wine

Pexels Photo 374073

While Southwestern France has Bordeaux to boast about, the region of Southern France is not far behind when it comes to nourishing vineyards, thanks to its perpetually sunny yet windy Mediterranean climate.

The region of Provence is known for its rosés, while Côtes du Roussillon takes it one step further with its own offering of reds and some white wines. The Minervois appellation, on the other hand, houses some of the most deliciously dark red wines with hints of fruits and spice.

The region is also home to the Domaine Treloar Vineyard. Located in Roussillon, it is known as the best in the region and entertains wine tastings upon request.

The Recreation

Much like the aforementioned aspects, the region packs unique experiences when it comes to recreational activities as well, very different from, say, Paris Illuminations
Seine  Night Cruise

The mention of Cannes above might have caused you to think about the famous film festival, but while that only goes on one time of the year and all it shows to the general are stars on the red carpet, horse riding in the striking Provence is what might give you one of a lifetime experience.

If you don’t fancy yourself an equestrian, you can still channel your inner adventurer by going to explore the various French canyons and the rivers that flow through them. For instance, the Gorges du Verdon in South-eastern France with its turquoise waters and naturally-formed canyons provide distinctive opportunities for canyoning – which is the way of exploring the inner formations of these river canyons.

Southern France is Beautiful, You Don’t Have to Try Hard to See It

We don’t mean the word “beautiful” in its physical form either. While it cannot be denied that the region is alluring in the most profound way, it is the experience of being there that truly defines the impact of that word. No matter how pretty of a picture we try to paint here with our words, you will only be able to see it once you get to experience it yourself.

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So, as we mentioned earlier, if you do have the budget within your organization and the time to spare, give Southern France a chance – that chance might just have you and your organization fall in love.

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