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Review of Asgardian Stones Slot


Asgard, the home of the legendary gods of Norse mythology and home to one of the Avengers. If you are a fan of the Avengers movie franchise then this planet needs no introduction as that is the land from which Thor, the God of Thunder and his brother Loki come from. Unlike a Hollywood movie or playing Enchanted Prince Slot, a happy ending isn’t always guaranteed; however, if the gods are feeling favourable then you could receive riches beyond your dreams!

Asgardian Stones General Info

When you make the ascent into this magical land, you will see the 5-reel grid that hosts 20 paylines. The ominous music creates a serious aura that builds the tension as you begin to approach the stones. These stones are covered in colourful symbols. The gods are waiting for you to make your move, they have a few tricks and bonuses up their sleeves that are worth a look.

NetEnt Slot Developers

Asgardian Stones is a creation from the talented designers at NetEnt. This gaming giant is a name that seems to be everywhere in the industry because of all the successful content they produce throughout the year, every year. Asgardian Stones is a slot that shows why NetEnt is a leader in the slot industry as they flaunt their skill and create yet another resounding success.


The colourful symbols that cover the 5-reels are comprised of letters of the alphabet and carvings of the god’s faces. The higher valued symbols are the gods and the letter symbols make up the lower valued variety. A unique feature of this slot is that the reels don’t spin, they cascade with each round and the new symbols then take the place of the ones that fall off the grid.

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Asgardian Stones Special Features

The myths show that the gods love having tricks up their sleeves, Asgardian Stones is no different. This game displays unique bonus features and rounds that will have any player interested. The two bonus features are Colossal Crunch and Bonus Wheel.

Bonus Wheel – If players manage to get 3 Bonus Wheel symbols to land on the reels then this bonus round is unlocked. You get a chance to spin the wheel for the opportunity to win up to 5x your initial bet. Another potential win is the Free Spins option where you could get up to 25 free spins.

Colossal Crunch – This game feature is that not all of the game’s symbols can fit onto their line, there are a few large symbols that are 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 in size. These can help you earn substantial prizes and activate that Colossal Crunch feature. During this round, the giant symbols smash through the board and add more coins to the jackpot. Multipliers and free spins are potential wins as well.

The Verdict

This slot is definitely worth a trip over the Bifrost Bridge to play on the stones and hope that the gods are feeling generous. The killer graphics displayed in this slot make it hard to look away which is a good thing because you might just miss the action if you do. The extensive bonus features show how tricky the gods are and give players the opportunity to win massive prizes. The fun in this game is over the charts, with the bonus of cash prizes!

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