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Leadership Development: Three Ways to Improve Your Skills


Every leader is different. Some choose to lead in a cavalier and extroverted fashion, full of energy and smiles, while others prefer to take a back seat and meet employers on a one-to-one basis to motivate them to perform better in their roles. Whatever your approach, it can be fine-tuned by training and a diligent attitude that’s ready to learn in whatever circumstance.

Read on to learn three crucial tips to managing and leading in the modern world and improving your acumen for the future.

Taking a Course

One of the tried-and-tested methods of becoming a better leader is to take a course in leadership at a local educational institution. On these courses, you’ll learn about the psychology of leadership and how to motivate people around you as you train them to work for you. You’ll learn about the mistakes you’ve been making in the past, and how to overcome them next time you get into the office. And you’ll learn key skills in empathy and compassion, too.

Look out for these courses — both online and in person — in your locality and sign up to those which provide a qualification which you can bring into your professional life in the future. The Kelley Leadership Certificate, for instance, is a wonderful asset to take into the future of your career, helping you to be confident in your dealings with employees.

Listening to Others

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When it comes to leadership, you need to know when to listen and when to speak up. As a leader, you’re in a position to be listened to and obeyed, but you’re also in the unique position of being able to assimilate feedback, hear from your staff members, and make changes to your approach that are, in part, imparted to you through the wisdom of those around you.

Even as you develop in the initial months and years of your management role or business leadership, it’s important that you remain humble, and recognize that you’re able to make a great deal of impact by saying very little, and listening to the concerns and advice of those around you.

Mentors and Guides

All business leaders learn from doing, but they also learn from watching others. As a young manager, and one that’s ambitious to climb the career ladder, it’s crucial that you recognize that senior members of staff are wonderful troves of experience and knowledge that you can mine in order to improve your own attitude, approach and skills

Indeed, most business leaders who have become famous CEOs and thought leaders are quick to point out that they are, to borrow a phrase, standing on the shoulders of the giants who helped them see how to manage and lead. As an up-and-coming manager, you should be aware of the knowledge stored around you, remaining willing to listen and learn from experienced mentors who will be able to pass on their wisdom to you, making you a well-rounded leader in the future.

These three tips are pivotal for those looking to change their approach to leadership and make waves in their firm by becoming excellent and responsive managers and leaders.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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