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How to Start Telemarketing in Your Business


If you were to ask most people what customers want, they would rank customer service high on the list of important factors. Consumers prefer to speak to real people, receive answers in real time, and feel as though they are being heard and understood by the representative they’re talking to. If they find it difficult to reach a reliable agent or representative, they’re not very likely to remain loyal to your brand.

With more and more millennials shopping online and preferring email and text interaction to phone calls, you might be wondering whether telemarketing is a dying industry. On the contrary, cloud-based call center software, which combines telephone and Internet communication, is experiencing major growth.

In fact, integrating call center software into your business may be the difference between its expansion, stagnation, or even failure over the next decade. Many midsize enterprises avoid telemarketing for a few reasons: From the myth that it’s an outdated form of technology to the concerns about expense, it’s commonly believed that call center software is complex, confusing, and far out of the price range of most small businesses.

In today’s ruthless market, however, small and midsize companies are competing directly with massive corporations like Amazon where telemarketing is both beneficial and necessary. Amazon, along with all of its competitors, has been quietly using sophisticated cloud-based call center software for years.

How to get started

If you are dedicated to building, strengthening, and maintaining your relationship with customers, you cannot forget about the small details. If a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase and attempts to reach out via chatbot or 1-800 number, they will be much more likely to feel heard and appreciated if they speak to someone who immediately provides them with solutions to their specific concerns or questions.

Cloud-based call center architecture is making waves in e-commerce and enabling data-driven communication for both inbound and outbound calls. Smaller businesses should look to the experts for ideas on how to reach out via direct marketing. In 2019, that is through cutting-edge omnichannel software that allows for seamless communication between consumers and retailers, even at the most basic level.

You might believe that the larger the business, the more difficult it is to reach an agent, but the exact opposite is true in today’s market. In spite of the interpersonal nature of global enterprises like Amazon and Disney, they are doing one thing right: they know how to facilitate highly personal customer experiences. This is due to the implementation of the cutting-edge cloud-based architecture that heightens their ability to connect and communicate with ease (even if a call is dropped).

Discern the Best Companies

If you have already decided to incorporate telemarketing into your business, you are probably wondering where to begin. Who is the best software company? How much should you expect to pay annually? Which company will give you the most for your money?

Before you begin writing mass email, telesales scripts, outsourcing work, and establishing your target audience, though, you must first figure out which company can provide you with the most effective and affordable software for your specific needs. After all, no company is exactly the same.

Omnichannel call center software is the only platform of its kind that allows for seamless outreach to knowledgeable agents. Compared to a traditional multichannel system, Cloud-based software was only used by 2% of all major e-commerce retailers in 2008. Those with their eye on the future of e-commerce paved the way for what is now the “new normal.” Today, all reputable call center software companies offer omnichannel software for affordable rates.