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How SEO, Content Marketing, and Public Relations can Work Together


Content and information run the world right now, whether it‘s positive OR negative. It only takes one person to shine a light on an issue for it to become a scandal nowadays. However, while it is easy for something to be blown up out of proportion, you can also use the same tools to protect and rebuild your brand. Many companies have turned to PR services to rebuild their image, but they also need to work in synergy with your SEO and content marketing efforts if you want to get the best results. Let’s look at how SEO, PR, and content marketing can work together.

The Relationship Between Content Marketing and PR

Content marketing and PR go hand in hand. If you want to influence the relationship between your audience and your brand, it has to be done through solid content.

This content must resonate with them and grab their attention. A good marketing & PR agency will not only know how to craft great content for your business but also make sure that it catches the eye of the right people and gets the desired reaction. They will also be able to suggest the best outlets and methods through which your content should be distributed.

For instance, some pieces would be better suited for your website, while others could be on other influential outlets. They might also start looking at things such as content syndication, which would allow your content to appear on hundreds of respected publications at once.

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The Relationship between PR and SEO

Your PR efforts should always consider SEO. If you’re publishing a press release, you need to have keywords in there that will benefit your website. You will need to use brand mentions wisely. You also have to make sure that your content is optimized for keywords centered around hot topics that will generate interest.

PR without SEO will simply not be as powerful. PR tends to be very local as well, and SEO could allow you to reach ever more people in your community through your PR-oriented content.

Why Content Marketing and SEO Need Each Other

Content marketing is one of the cornerstones of SEO, and without a properly planned and soundly executed content marketing strategy, good SEO is impossible.

You can have the most beautiful website in the world and killer content. If no one sees it, it will all be a waste. This is why content creation should start with focus keywords in mind. While you shouldn’t try to manipulate search engines by injecting keywords as many times as possible into your text, they should be forming the theme for the article.

When you release great SEO-optimized content through the right outlets, Google will recognize it and reward you. Social mentions are a factor Google looks at, so you want your content to be made for people first, then you can work on the SEO aspect.

As you can see, PR, SEO, and content marketing should be hand in hand. Using them together amplifies their power, reach, and efficiency.

Sean Jacobson

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