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Expert Business Tips on Making The Most of the Christmas Quiet Season


For some, Christmas presents a whole new host of business opportunities. If you sell your goods online, and they make great Christmas gifts, chances are your business will thrive during the festive period. However, for others, Christmas is a time of extreme downtime that seems to last for months rather than weeks. 

The good news is – you’re not alone and there is definitely something you can do about it. If your business struggles during the Christmas quiet season, check out these expert tips to help you prepare and maybe even boost your income this year.

Take some time to catch up on things

Whether you’re an established business or you’re going it alone, a bit of downtime over the festive season can be a great time to catch up on things. From preparing your finances for the year ahead to simply clearing out your emails, a bit of spring cleaning at Christmas can help you come back stronger in January. It’s also a great opportunity to give your staff some extended time off with their families and friends before a fresh start in January.

Get charitable

Working with a charity over Christmas may be considered a PR stunt by some, but it’s all for a good cause. Teaming up with your favourite charity can show your customers and your employees that you care. Plus, you’ll be giving a helping hand to those that really need it at this time of year. You could:

  • Organise a raffle at work with all proceeds going to charity
  • Ask staff to donate items to a local food bank or hospice
  • Give a percentage of your sales to a specific charity over Christmas
  • Organise a Christmas event for your staff and customers, with all proceeds going to charity

Look for other ways to boost your income

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Offer incentives and exclusive discounts

If you’re finding your customers are keeping their wallets firmly in their back pockets over Christmas, it might be time to offer them an exclusive discount. Something simple like offering 3 for 2 across your products, or adding an extra service to your offering, could be just enough to encourage customers to pay you a visit over Christmas. 

It’s also important to ensure you’re getting on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hype. With many people waiting until the long weekend to buy Christmas gifts, it’s a great opportunity to boost your revenue before the Christmas period.

Try out new revenue streams

Christmas is the perfect time to dabble in something a little different and try out alternative revenue streams. This could be something simple like putting your business online. sending out regular email campaigns, or even entering a new industry that thrives during the Christmas shutdown. Who knows what opportunities await!

Enlist the help of a business growth accountant

If you’re taking care of your finances yourself, it might be time to outsource your financial management. A business growth advisor and experienced entrepreneur’s accountancy firm can be used to help you identify potential new revenue streams. The right accountant will also be able to advise you of other ways to minimise your financial losses over Christmas, and, more importantly, how to stay safe from financial danger.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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