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Before buying online running and fitness products, read this


So you have finally decided to run or practice outdoor exercises. Maybe your dream is participating in a 10K race, or half marathon. That is OK but you need the appropriate products and accessories. The good news is that you can get them online.

Our first advice: buy quality

It is the base, but it is always good to remember. Before running, put on a bra, leggings and a sleeveless shirt (or a jacket, depending on the season), we recommend that you opt for technical pieces made with breathable fabrics, these garments are much more pleasant to wear!

The essential thing to run: a complete outfit

A good pair of shoes

You have the outfit but do not forget the most important thing: your shoes. If you only had to buy one thing, that’s it.

Running is a very violent sport for the body, especially for the back and knees, so a good pair of shoes will allow you to protect your body as much as possible. Do not be afraid to try several pairs in the store and “run” a bit to find the pair that suits you.

How to choose your shoes

Execution is one of the most affordable sports activities, since you can practice alone or with other people for free, without having to take private lessons.

However, to run well and avoid long-term injuries, it is essential to practice sports with quality, lightweight and flexible shoes. The stores sell different types of shoes for each sport and you can compare, choose and decide by clicking the running gear section.

If you decide to go for a run, opt for a good pair of running shoes, for greater comfort and safety.

To find the perfect pair of running shoes, it is best to go to a sports store and ask a salesperson for advice.

Always remember to try your shoes before buying them. Running shoes are chosen according to several criteria: if you are male or female, your type of stride (supine, universal or pronator), your weight, the type of soil, the frequency of training, etc.

PS: shoes, change regularly if you often run.

High-tech equipment for running

In addition to modern shoes for running, you can also buy a variety of high-tech equipment designed specifically for the sport. No matter how often you run, now there are many applications to measure your race time, distance traveled, speed, heart rate, position on the ground, altitude, etc.

The new applications of your smartphone, more practical than GPS watches, can follow you in your daily or weekly training. You can place your device in a bracelet, which will hang on your arm.

The applications will allow you to measure your performance and record your evolution. The right pair of running shoes is not enough, runners cannot do without paid or free applications.

Shoes Lebron Nike Spalding

The Nike + application

Running is a sport where we challenge ourselves. The mind plays a lot in our progress. When you started, you always want to do a little more than last week.

The Nike + app records each run, which is useful for remembering the time and distances of past times. Even today, it is essential for you to know the distance and time reached for each of my careers. The miles you run are your source of motivation.

The Spotify application

Running is a very personal sport, and when you run with company, everyone runs at their speed and we end up at the end to stretch.

When you run, a good playlist can be a real source of motivation. For example, you can use the Spotify application every week and you usually listen to the big hits of the moment.

The ideal outfit for your running session

If running is for you, you must practice this discipline with the right equipment, to obtain the maximum results and comfort. In addition to running with good running shoes, you must also dress in special circumstances.

There are many types of clothes today, with “smart” textiles for running. The attire varies according to the season. In summer, it is best to run in polyamide shorts.

In winter, women will prefer stockings, corsair type, with a ventilation system. For the upper part, opt for a t-shirt and a zipper that lets air in. Do not forget the sports socks, with optimized soles for better support, and reinforced heel and toe. You will have the option between different colors.

Neon pink or striking blue, in addition to being fashionable, you can be traced better if you run, for example, at the edge of the road. Think of textiles that have reflective stripes if you run at night!

A belt to drink

When it is very hot in summer, or when you decide to run more than 45 minutes, it is important to think about hydration. To have water to take by the hand during your long trainings or during your races, you can choose a belt used in decathlon.

It allows you to have two small bottles of water and a central pocket to store what you want (handkerchiefs, keys …).

And do not forget your cereal bars

When you go running for more than 45 minutes, don not forget to plan a small cereal bar to regain strength during the race (be careful not to choose “junk” stuff with bad sugar).

And right now, you have several options in the market, for example, there are cereal bars that are 100% natural, dietary, without added sugar, without milk and without gluten.

Put all the possibilities on your side to evolve your training and optimize your performances. Technology is a plus: textiles, shoes, smartphones, you have all the cards to improve.

If you are seriously thinking about running, use the right outfit. The appropriate equipment and shoes are the key of a successful outdoor training. And you can get all these products online where you can choose, compare and decide the option that suits you.

Sean Jacobson

I'm Sean, a former HR and business consultant providing you insights into the business world for Leader to Leader.

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