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4 Jobs Where the Training Counts (and 4 Where You Could Teach Yourself)


There are many different kinds of jobs in the world, and although skill is the key to becoming good at anything, there are some positions where you simply must be trained before you could ever try to do it yourself.

Jobs Where the Training Counts

There are many positions where the training that you received is one of the most important factors, without which you would never have been able to pursue the positions in the first place.

1. Delivery Driver

No matter how skilled you believe yourself to be at driving, without the tutelage of a fleet safety training provider, you are never going to be able to work safely and effectively as a delivery driver. In addition, there are many aspects of driving larger vehicles and payload safety that simply must be taught; otherwise, there is far too much risk of you causing serious accidents while learning what you are doing.

2. Doctor

Providing the needy with the care they need to survive is a wonderful calling and something that anyone with the ability would want to do. However, this is another position where a lack of knowledge would cause so much harm that you cannot hope to do any good without traditional training and years of tutelage by experienced medical professionals.

3. Chemist

There are many dangerous positions in the world, but few match the potential for harm that is posed by a professional chemist. When you are working with volatile and potentially toxic materials, you will want to know exactly what you’re doing; otherwise, you are sure to cause harm and not necessarily to yourself either.

4. Architect

Last but certainly not least, when you entrust the design of a building to an architect, you want to be damn sure that they possess every iota of knowledge and skill that they are going to need to design a building that isn’t going to collapse and cause devastation.

Jobs Where You Could Teach Yourself

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On the other hand, there are also many positions where if you work hard enough yourself, you should be able to learn everything you need to be able to work just as effectively as someone with the right training.

1. Writer

Any established writer will tell you, the only way to truly become better at writing is to practice writing. Unfortunately, there is no special technique or secret knowledge that an instructor can pass on to you that will make you better than good, honest practice, which is something you can do yourself.

2. Programmer

Learning to code can be a little more complicated than learning to write, but so long as you can buy a book or some other resource to bestow the basics, then learning to code becomes very similar to learning to write. A matter of practice and determination.

3. Video/Photo Editor

While there are many, many techniques and applications that make the art of video and photo editing much easier, the core of learning what you are doing is the same as many other skills. Find a resource to teach you the basics, and then practice as much as you can stand.

4. Musician

Finally, learning music, much like learning to write, is simply a matter of picking your instrument and making progress every single day. In fact, with all the free resources online, learning to become a musician is one of the most achievable of all self-taught skills.

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